Avatar 2 Expected to Bang the Screen in 2015

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Avatar- a scientific epic that took us all to new world is going to be back again to entertain us. Director James Cameron and producer Jan Landau are back on their feet, aiming for Oscar.

Avatar 2 Images
Photo Credit: filmofilia

The script of Avatar, released in 2009, was actually framed in the beginning of 1994. James Cameron felt technical advancements then was not sophisticated to bring his work come live. Again, he kick-started this project in the year 2005. It took him four solid years to screen this film.


Avatar-2 is no way exceptional to its former. Cameron has now started with the script for the second science fiction. Sources say that he has just begun the work. He has acquired 2,500 acres of beautiful farmland around the lake Pounui, New Zealand. Pounui is becoming the favourite shooting spot for the Hollywood industry. He has planned to bring the Na’vi alive in Peter Jackson’s production studio while the motion-capture works in California.

Best works deserve waiting. Avatar 2 is not an exceptional. It is expected to be on the screens in 2015.


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