Avoid Sleep in Supine Position – Why is it Dangerous?

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There are plenty of discomforts a pregnant woman has to go through even while sleeping. Sleeping on the side is the best example during your pregnancy. If you simply change your sleeping position, it will give you comfort. You can contact best IVF hospital in Chennai and take the tips on how to avoid dangerous sleeping position during pregnancy.

Dangerous sleeping position during pregnancy and how to avoid

Lying down creates several sleeping conditions. Sleeping position can affect your comfort. At the time of pregnancy, you can have some sorts of problem with sleeping supine position. Sleeping on the side is the best position during pregnancy.

More pressure will reduce the blood circulation in your heart. The weight of your body is not good for the baby to pass nutrients. However, the sleeping position should be rectified during this time.

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The sleep position can damage your health

Sleeping on your side is the best position. This will allow your spine to align and it’s a comfortable position. When it comes sleeping on stomach, people are finding the right position for sleep. Poor sleep position can damage your health. This is why it’s important to take care of your sleeping position.

Especially for a pregnant woman sleeping position is more essential. Many people sleep on their stomach. This is a bad sleeping position. This will strain your spine and not good for health. It can affect your joints, neck or back. This will affect your sleep as well. The pain suddenly wakes you up in the middle of the night. The stress of the spine could lead to more depression in the body and the pain might sustain for a long time.

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Sleeping on your stomach can cause neck problems. This will cause severe damage to your body structure. This causes your neck being twisted and leading several damages. For longtime you may get this problem if you don’t change your sleeping position.

Even though for a pregnant woman in a late pregnancy stage, she should avoid sleeping on her stomach. She requires more sleep and good quality rest. The extra body weight can increase the pull on the spine. This will lead to back pain and it’s bad for the baby as well.

The baby should not squeeze between the spine and the mattress.  This way the baby can have more room to develop healthily. If the pregnant woman will sleep on her left side, it would provide more oxygen for both the mom and the baby. The pregnant woman should invest to use maternity pillow. This will give a healthy sleeping position.

The pregnant woman should take extra care while sleeping. She should always take good care of her health and the baby. Sleeping correctly would give her more comfort and relaxation. This will protect both baby and mom from any health problem.

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