Awesome Places to Dine: FangWeng – The Cliff-Hanging Restaurant | Tourist Attractions – Yichang, China

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The Chinese city of Yichang houses the most unusual eatery; FangWeng – The Hanging Restaurant. Located on the cliff of Sanyou Caves (also called Cave of Three Travelers), the restaurant is the most popular among tourist attractions in Yichang according to travel website TripAdvisor.



Situated 12kms north of Yichang, the restaurant greets you with an elementary vestibule that leads to the popular ‘hanging stairway’. A walk along the cliff braced by concrete floorboard leads you to the cave which shelters the dining area.


Present in the Happy Valley of Xiling Gorge harboring breathtaking cliffs and caves, the restaurant’s dine area offers an excellent view of Asia’s longest river; Yangtze (Chang Jiang). The dim-lit lamps and seating befits the city’s cultural ambience.

Aside from its natural beauty, scenic views and an amazing food; there is a bungee jumping area for swashbucklers to quench their adventure thirsts.

Address: Weng Restaurant, NanJin Guan San You Dong Bridge, Yichang, China

Contact: 0717-8862179


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