Bathing Habits: Do your child need to bathe every day?

Bathing Habits: Do your child need to bathe every day?
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Nope! You might be surprised to hear that your child doesn’t need a bath every day. In fact, some experts recommend a weekly bath.

One of the main reasons for this is that soap and shampoo can leave residue on their skin and hair, leading to dryness and irritation.

Bathing Habits: Do your child need to bathe every day?
Bathing Habits: Do your child need to bathe every day?

It’s best if you bathe them when they start to smell or get visibly dirty.

Obviously, there are days when washing up is a good idea — such as if your kid’s dirty from a day in the dirt, covered in sweat or other visible filth, or pooping exuberantly.

If your youngster has spent the day at the beach, pool (the chlorine may be irritating to the skin), or in a body of water (there could be elements in the water that are harmful or unhealthy), it’s also a good idea to wash up. It’s also preferable for everyone living nearby when a smelly teenager takes a soapy shower!

If your kids are playing in puddles, mud, or other dirty stuff (or if they get any of that on them), give their skin a very mild soap down to avoid contact with the chemicals. Then use water only to rinse it off! Many people don’t realize that using soap while washing up can actually dry out and irritate the skin.

For certain skin situations, a doctor may recommend daily bathing. We all need to wash our hands frequently to avoid illness. But are you washing your entire body just for the sake of it? Not particularly.

Why not bathe a child daily?

Bathing may cause dry, irritated skin. However, the skin has natural protective oils and natural germs that help keep us healthy and safe and get washed away during regular bathing.

If your infant or pre-teen does not smell, isn’t filthy, is free of insect repellent, and has not been in a pool or other body of water, it’s OK to skip the shower. Bathing twice or three times each week is perfectly acceptable.

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It’s best to start by simply washing your child’s bare bottom once or twice each week. For many youngsters, even occasionally or twice a week is sufficient. With a wet washcloth, you may always clean your kid’s face, groin region, and any filthy locations.

Stinky teenagers may need to bathe or shower more frequently, depending on their level of activity and the use of deodorant. They might even be able to obtain by washing their face and using a soapy washcloth on their crotch and armpits.

Tips for healthy bathing

When it’s bathing time for your kids, keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Don’t use hot water; instead, use barely warm water.
  • Keep it to a few minutes at the most — enough time for you to complete the bathing.
  • Soaps and bubble baths that contain antibacterial chemicals should be avoided. Use a mild, unscented bar of soap and shampoo.
  • Make sure their bathing is supervised, especially if they’re under the age of three.
  • Try rubbing dry. If your child has sensitive skin, applying a mild, unperfumed greasy lotion after the bath can be beneficial.


Bathing your child on a regular basis is not necessary for health. It’s best to use the bath when they need it, such as dirty, sweaty, or smelly; after playing at the beach or in water; and before going out into public (such as sports games). If you’re concerned about their skin drying out and becoming irritated, simply pat them dry with a towel and apply some moisturizing lotion or cream.

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