Batting Stance in Cricket

Batting Stance
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1. Orthodox or sideways stance

Orthodox or sideways stance is probably the best option when you first begin with cricket. Make sure that your feet, your knees, hips & shoulders are parallel to the crease. When it’s all lined up roll your upper body forward and squat down slightly, so that your hand rests on top of your front pad with your bat resting on the ground.

Now make sure your head, shoulder and your front hip should be over your front foot, keeping the eyes level. The front elbow should be facing the wicket; your upper body should be equally balanced in both legs which will allow movement forward or backward.

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Remember: You must feel comfortable in this stance

2. Wide stance

The very first thing that comes to our mind in this stance is that the head is slightly in front of the center line, and this position is recommended by most of the players of the game
This stance was played by many successful and hard hitting batsmen from South Africa like Graeme Pollock, Lance Klaussner, Graeme Smith and Adam Gilchrist of Australia. This stance is all about pushing your weight forward and to be ready to drive with normal foot movement or to just rock back to play with aggressive cross-batted shots.

3. Open stance

Open stance batting is when the batsman moves his front foot, or shoulder, or both more towards the leg side. From this position, a batsman has a good access to a straight ball and can usually play straight and the ball goes through the onside very well with front and back foot drives.
This position also lines the batsman up for bowlers who are bowling around the wicket (or left arm over.) The disadvantage of this open stance is that it’s little hard to work on the off side. The batsman needs to move further to Play on his off side

To be continued…

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