Essential benefits of Baby Corn – Must Know about it

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Baby corn is one of the nutritious and healthiest food items which can be used in the salads or different food items. Although there is not a big difference between the baby corn and corn. The difference lies in the picking only. It means that baby corns are picked before the completion of the maturing process whereas corns are picked after the completion of maturing. If we compare the corns and baby corn on the basis of nutritive values, there is only a slight difference. Baby corns consist of lesser starch as compared to the general corns. So, the people who want to use the corn for weight loss, baby corn is best for them. Interesting! I know that you will be excited to know more about the essential benefits of baby corn. So, let us start!

Poor in calories: Although poor is not the word which you love to hear if the poor is in terms of calories, I know there would be a smile on your face by hearing to this word. Baby corns are much poor in the calories. There are only 25-26 calories in the 100 grams baby corns. Isn’t it’s amazing? Yes, it is really amazing! You can add this food product to your weight loss diet. You can also search the different recipes for the baby corn as well and you would be able to lose extra pounds with it.

Rich source of fiber: Baby corn is a good source of fiber but with a condition. If the baby corns are picked at the right age then only these can be a heavy source of fiber. Being rich in fibers, this food item is heart friendly and good for the patients having heart-related diseases. It is also good for the patients having severe constipation or any other bowel syndrome because the high content of fiber helps in the bowel regularity and stools can easily be passed. This food item also reduces the appetite and that is the reason due to which, they are known as appetite controller. It also gives the feeling of fullness to the eater.

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Poor in carb content: Generally, corns are rich in starch but if we talk about the baby corn, it is a poor source of starch which makes it an ideal food for the weight loss. The starch content is so less or negligible that it is not important to count it as well.

Rich in nutrient: Baby corn is rich in different kind of nutrients. It complies that baby corn serves the nutritional requirements of vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, iron etc. So, the people who require a lot of nutrients can easily rely on them.

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