Benefits Of Coffee And Tea At Empty Stomach – Brisk Start


A day does not start for many of us without a cup of tea or coffee. Everyone would like to have a cup of coffee or tea in morning on empty stomach. Having a cup of coffee or tea is something that can help you rejuvenate your soul and body. Not only morning, people would like to have a cup of coffee or tea in the mid-morning time, after meals, evening time and even at night times too. The reason behind why people will like having a cup of coffee and tea is that they believe that, they will get instant energy by having any one of these beverages. Now, we are going to discuss about what kind of benefits one will get by having either a cup of coffee or tea.

Benefits of Tea and Coffee

Some people would like to have home prepared tea or coffee as the coffee or tea shop prepares in a different way. Tea bags will be used to prepare tea and coffee powder will be used to prepare coffee. The preparation does not take much time at all. Below are the benefits of coffee and tea.

1. Coffee and tea get hold of antioxidants and hence it will help to protect against cancer and liver disease. You all know that cancer is a dreadful disease and many people have died so far to cancer. Liver disease is another serious issue that will bring chronic liver disease or fatty liver disease. If you want to fight against these two diseases, all you have to do is to drink coffee or tea daily.

2. You might have seen people that badly suffer from memory loss and judgment. This kind of condition in a person is called dementia. The caffeine product in the coffee powder and tea will help your brain to function properly and hence you can get rid of this memory loss issue.

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3.The cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrests, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, congenital heart disease, peripheral artery disease and more will be resolved by drinking coffee or tea day to day.

4. The immunity power is very important to fight against the disease-causing bacteria and viruses in our body. If you really want to boost your immunity power, you should reckon drinking coffee and tea every day.

5. Diabetes is another serious and sensitive disease. The presence of polyphenols in coffee and tea will help you get rid of the type 2 diabetes. The secretion of insulin and sensitivity will be enhanced by drinking coffee and tea.

If drinking coffee and tea provides this much benefits, then why do not you start your day with a cup of coffee or tea? Of course, you should start your day with a cup of coffee or tea. The point is that you should not over drink coffee and tea than your limits. You should always stick with your limits with respect to drinking coffee and tea. If you do, you will definitely experience the above-mentioned benefits.

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