Benefits of Combining Fleet Cameras and Fleet Management Softwares

Benefits of Combining Fleet Cameras and Fleet Management Softwares 1
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The fleet management industry is an ever evolving industry. At the forefront of this transformation is fleet management software. The digital boom has allowed this industry to streamline its processes, therefore, improving its overall efficiency.

As businesses race to implement these telematics solutions, it is difficult to keep up with all the new tools made available. Many of these devices are mandatory and state authorities check for them during roadside inspections.

Two of the most popular devices on the market are fleet cameras and fleet management software. Together, they give businesses control over their carriers like never before.  We have compiled an all you need to know guide about the benefits of combining this hardware and software solution which will go a long way in making your carriers safer and maximizing profits.

Fleet Cameras

Get Your Story Straight

The simplest yet most important reason to install fleet cameras in your carriers is to explain what happened in an accident. In an accident, it is usually your word against theirs, legal battles without any witnesses tend to be stretched out for years. Fleet cameras can be connected directly to a telematics system in business offices and you can replay the entire accident. 

This video footage can be used in a court of law to prove the facts and expedite these usually long procedures.

Benefits of Combining Fleet Cameras and Fleet Management Softwares 2

Oversee Your Drivers

The best way to analyze any driver’s behavior in a moment is through visual cues. Sometimes, telematics data may inform you erratic driving behavior like speeding but the context in which the action was committed is important also. Your driver might have braked hard to avoid a slow moving car on the wrong side of the road. The best way to review the circumstances is to do it through a dashboard camera.

Fight Fraudulent Insurance Claims

A common issue plaguing the commercial fleet vehicles industry is accident scams. Criminals tend to veer into the path or slam brakes right in front of commercial vehicles, assuming that the companies are well insured. They plant eyewitnesses who recount the accident in a court of law in their favor and usually walk away with fat settlements.

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Another issue fleet management companies face is that when filing for insurance claims for damages caused by an accident, insurance companies demand eyewitness accounts to prove their validity. With a fleet camera installed, you will have hard evidence to back your claims.

Make Decisions With Your Driver

A driver may sometimes need to make an executive decision about changing routes, dealing with bad weather or other unexpected circumstances. With the help of a fleet camera, you will be able to see the situation ahead from the driver’s point of view. 

In a situation when the driver cannot describe the severity of a scenario like bad weather, with a dashboard camera, you will be able to see how bad the weather is and make a safe decision with your driver.

Fleet Management Software


Routing software uses data collected via a telematics device to provide you real time updates on vehicle location, distance covered and other data. Carrier tracking software uses a GPS installed in each vehicle to track and study the fleet. 

Route optimization functionality plans the most efficient routes by determining the best route to take by considering any traffic/accident situations which may be on shorter routes. It weighs this against fuel costs to help you save both time and money.

Fuel Management

A fuel management module monitors fuel consumption habits and creates reports on the same. This allows you to plan efficient routes by coordinating amongst drivers and finding the most suitable driver to take up a task.

Engine idling is one of the most common fuel guzzling habits. Research has shown, trucks tend to idle up to eight hours a day resulting in increased fuel consumption. By using a fuel management module, you can track these habits and try to reduce them by informing drivers. The long term benefits of this will be beneficial not only to cut costs but also will be better for the environment.

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Vehicle Maintenance

A vehicle maintenance module will help plan routine servicing checks and alert you about any issue that may crop up during a diagnostic check. This feature helps you gain insights into how your vehicles are performing over a course of a journey and if any vehicles have been particularly inefficient and may need replacement.

It also helps you record and archive vehicle servicing history in a concise yet detailed manner. This data can be used to analyze costs, tendencies to break down in a certain situation thus helping you make informed fleet decisions.

Safety and Security

Safety management modules are probably the most important feature of fleet management software. It helps you protect your carriers by providing bad weather alerts, information on road accidents up ahead, vehicle theft alerts, etc. Being able to monitor your driver’s duration of driving, speed and braking habits are extremely useful to secure your fleet vehicles.

Some software allow vehicular control mechanisms like braking systems. These are particularly useful in thefts as it can be used to gradually slow down the stolen vehicle. If fleet drivers face any roadside issues like a mechanical emergency or a medical emergency, safety protocols run appropriate searches to find the nearest medical assistance center or contact relevant authorities with vehicular details allowing them to respond swiftly.

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