Benefits of Having Bamboo Sticks in Matchbox – Pros and Cons

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We use matchbox in our day to day life for several purposes, right from lighting the candle to lighting the sparklers. There are different types of matchboxes to buy from. Among that, you need to buy the matchbox that is good and reliable to your work. You can find matchbox with normal matchsticks and wax sticks. People use these two types of matchsticks alternatively according to their wishes. As far as normal matchsticks are concerned, they are long and easy to use. In the case of the wax match sticks, the stick will be too short and you should take care while lighting with the wax matchsticks.

If you do not want to use both the normal and wax match sticks, then you can reckon using the bamboo matchsticks. I am sure that, bamboo sticks do not need any introduction at all. The bamboo sticks have been using to decorate the homes’ interior such as ceiling, bedroom, walls and more. Now, the bamboo sticks are available in the matchboxes too. The matchboxes that come with the bamboo sticks are reckoned as safe. If your intention is to buy safety matches, then you need to buy the matchbox with bamboo sticks. You can visit the online store for buying the matchbox.

Pros and Cons Having Bamboo Sticks in Match Box

It is not a bad idea to know about the pros and cons of the matchbox with bamboo sticks. If you are new to using the matchbox that comes with bamboo sticks, then you may not know whether or not using the bamboo sticks is beneficial. The matchbox that comes with bamboo sticks has its own merits and demerits. You can buy safety matches in the online store within some clicks of the mouse.


  • The bamboo sticks are made up of 100 percent bamboo, so it is biodegradable and friendly to the environment. There are sticks that are solely designed for keeping it in the matchbox. These sticks are safe to use and the length of the sticks are comfortable for usage.
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  • The bamboo sticks will get hold of the heat for a long period of time. Kids can as well use the bamboo sticks with no doubts. The matchbox that gets hold of the bamboo sticks is friendly to kids too.


  • The strength of the sticks matters a lot. As far as these bamboo sticks are concerned, they are strong while comparing to the wax sticks and normal sticks. Holding the matchsticks will be easy for everyone.



  • Be the bamboo sticks are made from 100 percent bamboo, the usage of bamboo will be more. You need to use as much bamboo as possible for designing the bamboo matchsticks. If the bamboo is available in your area, then you do not have issues. Otherwise, you need to import the bamboo from other countries.


  • The cost of the bamboo will be high.
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