5 Best Books for Entrepreneurs to Read in 2018



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You must be aware, don’t you? Successful people read and most successful copy. It may sound like a cliché, but it is the truth in our information overflow time. The tremendous amount of information is available on the internet to become what you want in life. You got to take the right decision though by choosing the right content to consume. As a budding entrepreneur you need to learn from best that did it already in the real world. Here we have brought you the 10 best books for entrepreneurs to read in 2018.

#1 ‘The Achievement Habit’ by Dr. Bernard Roth

Entrepreneurs are people who want to create value and successful entrepreneurs are people who create value by solving problems. The co-founder of Design Thinking, Dr. Bernie Roth revolves with a central question in this book, that is: Are you solving the right problem? Is it relevant enough in current time? The book helps you to realize what’s the real problem is. Buy Now


#2 ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ by Ryan Holiday

Author Ryan Holiday is someone who deeply believes in the Stoicism philosophy. He talks about how to handle obstacles and hurdles which is one important quality that any entrepreneur needs to master. Mr. Ryan talks about individuals who have mastered the art of tackling setbacks and personal challenges in the book. Buy Now

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#3 ‘Tools of Titans’ by Tim Ferris

You might have guessed the plot from the name of the book itself, as it is the detailed study from hundreds of incredibly successful people. Author Tim Ferris have interviewed successful people in different walks of life and observing the way they have become where they are at present to derive the ‘Tools of Titans’. Buy Now

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#4 ‘$100 Startup’ by Charles Lebeau

In recent times, it is clearly evitable that you don’t need a lump sum to become an entrepreneur rather an innovative idea is enough to get in the investments to your business. Mr. Charles Lebeau breaks the shackles from entrepreneur mind that you no longer need a ton of money to be successful. This book details about the real secret sauce for success, will definitely be an eye-opener. Buy Now

#5 ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport

The most needed for the current generation entrepreneurs and to be right put, entrepreneurs present at current generation. If there is one thing that is most concerning for success in today’s world is the Distraction. Author Mr. Cal Newport talks about working on your craft without giving space to distractions for a given stretch of time. How you must not give a beep about notifications that tries to divert your attention. Buy Now