Best Books for IPC Judiciary Exam

The IPC Judiciary Exam is essential for anyone pursuing a legal career. It is a competitive exam, and thus, it is crucial to be well-prepared for it.

The Best Books to Read for IPC
The Best Books to Read for IPC

The Best Books to Read for IPC Judiciary Exam Preparation

There are many books available that can help you prepare for the IPC Judiciary Exam. However, not all of them are equally good. This article recommends some of the best books for IPC Judiciary Exam preparation.

The Indian Penal Code by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal

The Indian Penal Code by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal is a classic book that has served the legal profession for over a century. It is an authoritative and leading commentary on the subject and adopts an integrated approach. The provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, and the Indian Evidence Act 1872 are referred to wherever necessary for a better understanding of complex legal topics.

The Indian Penal Code is India’s main criminal law statute, and it has been revised extensively to consider changes in criminality and new criminal laws. Notable judgments of the Supreme Court and various High Courts have been incorporated, and essential topics such as the scope of application of general exceptions during the investigation, the constitutionality of the death penalty in the light of the Nirbhaya case, and the application of men’s rea to legal entities have been discussed separately.

This book is a reliable and original source of reference for students, professionals, judges, administrators, police officers, and police trainees. It offers a quick overview in the form of a summary at the end of the work.

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A Textbook on the Indian Penal Code by K.D. Gaur

The Indian Penal Code by Professor K D Gaur is a classic work in criminal law that has been adjudged the best textbook on the subject. The current edition of this critical and comprehensive study of the Indian Penal Code has been extensively revised and updated.

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With the help of examples, illustrations, and elucidatory notes, complex subjects have been explained in a simple style so that readers can grasp the topics quickly. Excellent annexures dealing with the rights of the accused, victims of crime, and guidelines for effective trial have been added to the book.

The book will be of great value to students, teachers, lawyers, and all those engaged in the study and practice of criminal law.

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Criminal Manual: Cr.P.C., I.P.C. & Evidence 

Criminal Manual: Cr.P.C., I.P.C. & Evidence is a book that contains the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Indian Penal Code, and the Indian Evidence Act, all as amended by The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 (13 of 2013).

It also includes a guide to criminal pleadings (Model Forms).

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Indian Penal Code: By S.N Mishra

The Indian Penal Code by S.N Mishra is a book that contains a lot of information on criminal law and jurisprudence in India. The new sections inserted by The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013, have been included in the book. This book will be helpful for students, academicians, and research scholars interested in this law area.

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Constitution of India by Preamble

Legal scholars, researchers, and professors have primarily neglected the preamble of the Constitution of India. This work discusses the juridical conclusions that can be drawn from the preamble, the legislative responses to it, and a comparative analysis of constitutional preambles.

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Other Recommended Books

  • Lectures on criminal law: By The Famous Rega Surya [Buy Now]
  • The Legal System in World by S.R. Myneni [Buy Now]
  • A Textbook on the Code of Criminal Procedure by K.D. Gaur [Buy Now]
  • A Textbook on the Law of Evidence by K.D. Gaur [Buy Now]


These books included in this list will prove helpful for you in your endeavour to clear the IPC Judiciary Exam. If you have any other suggestions, let us know the book name in the comments below.

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