Best Resources on how to Create Content to popularize your Brand Online

Best Resources on how to Create Content to popularize your Brand Online 1
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We are so aware about what we go to do but we take very less actions towards it. Most of the procrastination happens due to the fear or failure. Every one of us is probably aware that creating video content is the current big thing but we ignore starting up with making videos. We wanted to make it easier for you; we have brought you resources that will help you to start with creating video content. Sit back, relax and learn how to make video blog and ignite your passive income by giving up on your fear of failure.

Getting Over your Fear of Starting Youtube | CHANNEL NOTES

Channel Notes by Muchelleb is a great YouTube channel for video bloggers and people who are starting up with video making. At first, her videos would look like a random YouTuber trying to be cheeky but she truly offers great content. This content she shares offers a lot of confidence and faith for beginners and amateurs as she conveys them in the viewers POV. Here is the video where she gives you valuable tips to get over your fear and start making videos on YouTube.


Below is the video where Casey Neistat, one of the famous YouTube video blogger talks about how to vlog like him. The information he shares in his videos are perceived as gold and it is true. His latest break through is that he just crossed 10 Million subscribers mark on his YouTube. You necessarily don’t need to compare yourself with him rather utilize the resources he shares to improvise your vlogging exposure.


I’m totally new to Jeven Dovey channel but this particular video where he shares the detailed beginner’s guide to Vlog is truly a must watch. He breaks the contents into The Gear, Shooting, Editing, Final Touches, and ends up with what learned through all these. You don’t want to end up with buying a random camera as it depends on your budget and interest. Adventure camera like the Go Pro in particular have become cheaper and anybody can buy one though money saver EMI options. Go Pro 6

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YouTube is no surprise as it has got an ocean load of resources, as a beginner level content creator you should be very much comfortable going through the above listed URLs. What’s makes a great content is nothing but a great understanding of the basics.

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