Better yourself: Play a sport and be a sport

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Play a sport, be a sport

Right from the early days of civilizations, sports has a played a major role in evolution of mankind. With the passage of time, the kind of sports played and their styles may have changed but its importance, need and benefits remains the same. Find out below what sports offer and why we need to play a sport.



Playing a sport gives you a sense of accomplishment. It promotes your self-esteem and makes you feel self-worth. You are happy about yourself and what you have done. You feel good, at times even great.


Playing a sport flushes toxins out of your body by sweat. Elimination of toxic contents increases your body’s internal resistance to defend it from infections and diseases. You become strong and lead a healthy and better life.

Benefits of playing a sport


Any sport, when played increases your heart functioning promoting uniform and steady blood circulation. Steady blood circulation pushes your heart to pump more and consume more oxygen. More oxygen makes you more active.


The soul feels, the mind thinks and the body acts. Sports provide opportunity to understand your feelings, thoughts and how you act. You are in better control of your emotions; there is more clarity in your thoughts and your body responds better.


Sports are the simple and easiest ways to meet persons of various background, cultures, thoughts and personalities. It widens your opinion and perspectives about life as a whole. Overall life becomes more fun.


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