Big data vs Cloud Computing – Trends and Challenges


Big Data

Over the past few years, Big data is influencing the Information Technology industry and become so trendy.

“Big data absolutely has the potential to change the way governments, organizations, and academic institutions conduct business and make discoveries, and its likely to change how everyone lives their day-to-day lives,” said Susan Hauser, a corporate vice president at Microsoft.

The demand for skilled big data professionals is keeping on increasing as are various job titles associated with big data such as Big Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, and Data Science. The Primary and most popular Big Data technology is Apache Hadoop, anybody who wants to make their career in Big Data must to learn and have deep skill in Hadoop. The other commonly using Big Data Technologies are Apache Spark, Hive, PIG, Wibi, etc.  Big data technologies and Hadoop have a lot of scope for future jobs. To become a data analyst, you must possess knowledge of every ecosystem such as Spark, Casandra, and Drell. Knowledge of Java is must for the career in big data as Hadoop framework is built on Java. 2018 is the best year for freshers to start a career in big data. Engineering graduates should take additional courses on big data such as big data certification Chennai right after their academic to learn in deep and profession way, which further help them to grab their job. It would be an added advantage for freshers if they have additional certification on Big data in their resume, that would provide an upper hand on other candidates.

Cloud Computing


We all using cloud computing right now on our smartphone or PC, even though we don’t realize it. That’s why cloud computing is everywhere today. This is rapidly evolving technology at the moment. Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal to handle.  It can also be perceived as the procedure of storing and accessing data and applications over the Internet, instead of the user’s computer hard drive. The first cloud computing services are barely a decade old, but already a variety of organizations from tiny startups to global corporations, government agencies to non-profit are embracing the technology for all sorts of reasons. Leading public cloud service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM and Google Cloud Platform. organizations adopt multi-cloud for various reasons. For example, they could do so to minimize the risk of a cloud service outage or to take advantage of more competitive pricing from a particular provider. In India, this technology is welcomed by many big and small organizations, they hire a lot of skilled people as cloud computing engineer, administrator and support engineer. The world is changing and thus, there are few organizations which are ready to test the freshers with additional training courses like cloud certification in Chennai, hire them, train him in the industrial standard. As Cloud Computing is a fast-growing technology and will hopefully bring opportunities for freshers.

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