Big Tech Advancements Coming In 2020

Big Tech Advancements Coming In 2020 1
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It is a new decade and that means the start of so many new things, the infusion of new concepts to existing ideas and the pervasion of some budding ideas unveiled late in the previous decade. One area that is sure to see rapid advancements and development is the tech sector. This is a sector that keeps changing and outdoing itself. The effect of these changes is so pivotal that even statistics show that in the next 20 years 65% of jobs would have been changed, meaning that kids of today have no idea what type of jobs they would be working.

These advancements are going to affect how we think, approach things as well as our decision making. It would cut across various sectors from health, business, finance, sales, and many more areas. Here are the tech advancements that would alter and change the way things are done.

Prevalence Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a system built to mimic and effectively relate to human-like thinking. Performing tasks like visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and language translations. It is already predicted that A.I would reach human-level intelligence by 2030. There are three types of A.I, artificial weak intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and artificial super-intelligence. It is the artificial weak intelligence that would attain full human human-level thinking in the next couple of years. Beating humans to chess comfortably, emotion detection systems are just a few of the possibilities.

This also leaves the question of the possibilities and the potential of higher versions of the weak intelligence is capable of this. Algorithms and machine learning tools with the advent of time are becoming more open-source and available on the internet for anyone. This will boost problem-solving, increase learning and the way things would be done. Machine learning chip prices are dropping exponentially, meaning more people can get access to it. These coupled with microscopic sensors and high bandwidth network anyone can have a high-end intelligent device. Gadgets have voice recognition systems, toy drones to engage kids and record their parties, the world can be effectively synergized into a small village.

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In business and career, A.I would be used as cognitive accomplices helping employees figure out more creative ways of tackling problems, and new ideas facilitated. In customer relations, there are chatbots designed to fully engage clients and solve some simple problems without any human interference. All these and more show that individuals generally need to be more inclined and updated, so as to effectively take advantage of this trend.

Renewable Energy

In this year and forward renewable energy would become the norm and the world will look to move from conventional electrical energy. A consistent power supply isn’t a problem in America and Europe but is still a challenge in other parts of the world. The introduction and circulation of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy would look to alleviate this problem and will surely provide a viable alternative. By 2020, solar energy would be the main contributor to the energy sector helping industries seek healthier options that are environment-friendly. Tesla was quick to jump in solar early on. Statistics show that about 1.5 billion people still live off the grid, meaning they do not have access to mobile communications as this is built mainly on electrical energy. The boom of renewable energy this year and beyond would drastically reduce this number.

5G Technology

In a time when speed is the new way of living, the 5G network will be prioritized giving people access to the data speed range of 100mbps to 10gbps. The launch of a new global satellite network would even make it possible for more people to have access to this technology, more interestingly at an even lower cost. This promises to even bring on more people on board. This technology is riding on the wings of artificial intelligence, hardware advancements as well as material science and would impart every industry from health, education to advertising.

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Tech-Driven Health Care System

The tech advancements can also be seen in the health sector as importantly it is expected that 3D printing would be even bigger this year. 3D printing has revolutionized research and has made it possible for groundbreaking innovations. It has been used to create prosthetic limbs, hearts and other vital organs that also aid surgery. It is used to create tissues, organs, surgical tools, customized tools, and medical models.

The introduction of better equipment and facilities have made it possible to monitor life-threatening illnesses like cancer in real-time, to understand how they grow and what causes it. This makes it increasingly possible for a solution to be found and how it can be avoided altogether. Revolutionary research outcomes in the fields of biotech and pharmacy would become more accessible to people around the world which have been proven to increase life span. These include stem cell transplant, senolytic medicine, and better vaccines.

Innovative Payment Solutions In The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has been one that enjoyed massive growth in the past years and isn’t resting on its oars. Techpreneurs are finding innovative ways to move from the all-cash system that the industry runs due to its lack of federal backing. However, since the farm bill has been passed in 2018, there has been more acceptance by the financial institutions.

Digital payment systems have been imbibed such as using some cryptocurrencies as means of exchange, thus providing a faster rate of transactions and better security. A lot of dispensaries are buying into this digital payment system. To find out dispensaries that are attuned, you can look for more dispensaries here.

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