Biggest thing to happen since the original iPhone; of course cuz it’s bigger now!

Biggest thing to happen since the original iPhone; of course cuz it’s bigger now! 1
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iPhone 5
Photo Credit: Apple

After six years of toying around with a meagre 3.5-inch display, Apple fan boys can at last have a taste of a proper 4-inch screen with the new iPhone 5. Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era for the iPhone. The latest iteration steps into the limelight with loads of changes with the larger 1136×640 resolution display being the most notable. Pixel density stands at the same 326ppi taking it bang into the retina display category.

The next most notable upgrade would be the snappy response of the phone thanks to the new Apple A6 processor. This quad core monster sets a new benchmark for Smartphones and it was evident when the demo of Real Racing 3 was showcased during the launch event. Many handheld gaming consoles would be put to shame by the new iPhone.

The front camera now allows 720p recording and can be used for calling other Apple users using the Facetime and for the first time it can be done over 3G networks. The rear camera is upgraded to 8MP and as usual supports full HD video recording.

iPhones of the future starting from the iPhone 5 will use the lightning port connector which is smaller and less cumbersome than the old dock connector. However users of the old iPhone can use new age lightning port accessories using the adapter which will be available shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5.

The bundled earphones have gone through a radical design change and are now called ear pods. They are designed for great fit and astounding music clarity. Critics raved about the new ear pods delivering better quality music than many other audiophile headphones from reputed manufacturers. Apple stocks have already gone up since last night and the used phone markets are flooding with iPhone 4S portraying the eagerness of the public in getting hands on the new phone.

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Guess Apple has another winner here!..

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