Blogging Vs Writing Diaries – Self Development Goals

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Writing is a form of communication which is existing from thousand years ago, and good writing varies its language to keep the reader stimulated. With the rise of the internet in the last few years Blogging, Article writing or Content writing has become popular and is a new concept today’s content web where we often see the words ‘blog’, ‘article’ used interchangeably. A diary is a written account of moments. The personalized diaries are used for writing the personal experiences which are secret, even used for writing the self-development goals, important phone numbers, and addresses. It’s a good habit of maintaining a personal diary and by writing the important points in the personalized diaries, it sometimes saves from awkward moments which may occur if any important thing has been missed.

Importance of Personalized Diaries

  • Important points can be noted down for future references
  • Writing personal experiences and keeps it secret.
  • For writing expenses or other accounts details.
  • Phone numbers and addresses can be written.
  • Provides the record of past experiences, which will not be forgotten.
  • It also helps in benchmarking the progress as well as the attainment of goals.
  • It is a wonderful way of recording thoughts, experiences and it also helps in knowing ourselves better.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a new style of writing and the blog posts are written in the first person and is personal in nature. The different specialties of blog posts are that it is conversational in nature, casual, based on blogger’s opinion, personal experience, personality, etc. The blog posts are posted in reverse chronological order and are brief with the minimum length of 300 words for SEO purposes but for the blogosphere, it can be wordless. The blog posts are informally structured and for it the rules of language are flexible. Normally short paragraphs or fragment sentences are used. It can be either focused or with the new evolving ideas.

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Characteristics of Blogging

  • Opinionated: The blog posts contain the author’s opinions which are very interesting as well as meaningful.
  • Comments: Most of the blogs have the reader’s comment and the readers are encouraged for writing their comments as comments contain nearly as much as information as the blog post.
  • Conversational language: The conversational language is a language of business as well as it is more user-friendly. The languages used in the blog post are casual.

The 2019 diaries can be made customized personal diaries as per the needs of the customers. Even there are options available for adding photographs on the cover page of diaries. There are best colors available like red, black, brown, etc. added to the cover page. The customized printed diaries are very beautiful as well as personalized diaries are also well designed and look attractive. The 2019 diaries are a nice personalized gift which can be provided to the employees for the coming year. The printing of all types of diaries is available online in best deals.


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