BMW bikes to come up with SOS button

BMW bikes to come up with SOS call technology [Automobiles]

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BMW bikes to come up with Emergency button


With trucks and cars having their own automatic emergency system; very soon bikes would be joining them in having its own emergency system. Developed by BMW, the system will be known as Intelligent Emergency Call (IEC). The system will be equipped with acceleration and lean-angle sensors which will detect a bike crash and send out an emergency call automatically based on the severity of the accident.

The call control of the emergency is automatic cum manual. In case of a fatal fall, the system will automatically send out a distress call; whereas in case of a less severe one, the driver has the choice of cancelling or continuing with the call. Additionally, the system sends out the exact location of the bike while making a SOS call. The system is expected to launch in Germany around 2017 while the rest of Europe will see a release afterwards. No information is known regarding the system’s launch to the rest of the countries.

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