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Each day is a precious gift. Hope everyone was shocked by watching that video. This girl survives after being run over by a goods train. She is extremely talented and survived magnificently by lying flat on the railway track until the long train with at least 42 wagons passed over.

Someone recorded this incident in a mobile phone and the video is trending on YouTube with more than 5 million views. This video will be the reminder for all people that not to cross the platforms through railway tracks and also, it’s very dangerous. The girl is damn clever and she is so lucky.

The girl’s decision shows her bravery and it’s very difficult to think or react in this chaotic situation. It’s not clear in the video how she lands in the scary situation but one woman can be heard explaining that she fell on the tracks while crossing them.

Some of them are criticized the woman for crossing the platform through the tracks and some of them say she is blessed! Life is too short and enjoys it while it yours.

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