Breaking Bad – A Fan Made Two Hour Movie

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A special tribute to the “Breaking Bad” Television Series(TV) team and its die-hard fans. The American crime drama TV series which highly relies on the two themes Moral Consequences and Devotion to Family considered to be one of the best of all time. The struggling Chemistry professor took a huge diversion in his life for the benefit of his family and circumstances which eventually lead him to face several unimaginable outcomes for his actions along with student partner.

Breaking Bad - The Movie

Likewise, there are many other top TV series present around the world. A die-hard fan of this particular TV series decided to do something extraordinary and finally comes up with a plan of creating a movie out of the “Breaking Bad” series collection.


His work of combining the TV series episodes and collectively shaping it as a movie had received accolades from many on the Internet. He turned the collections and edited and merged in such a way he delivers the outcome of a movie-length video. Video making has been done creatively by this unknown fan person who showcased his skills through it elegantly.

Typical video marketing requires this creativity and skill set to produce cool videos of these types. By watching this two-hour length video of the Breaking Bad movie, one who never thought of watching the series will fall for it and start to watch the series from start. All this due to the decent fan made video project, where the person put a clear disclaimer stating that the movie is fan made and all rights reserved to the respective owners without him claiming anything.

Below is the full-length two-hour video, take a look and it will succumb you into the world of curiosity for the good only.

[Update] 27th March 2017 – Apologies, the video have been removed due to copyrights it seems.