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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru
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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru
Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

“Life can be unpredictable.” The first dialogue you will hear in the theater and so the movie is too unpredictable. D16 movie is a rare and first of its kind psychological thriller movie. Movie sets out in the west region of the Tamilnadu state.The movie travels with Deepak(Rahman) point of view and the screenplay jumps to the future and back to the present rather than the usual style of present and jumping to the past style.

Movie excels on the tension aspect as you know the camera will be panning into the dark corner and someone pushed to death. Seeing something and just goosebumps are going up your head and neck. The trailer itself excels in exhibiting the tension and suspense of the movie.

A series of events gets unfolded eventually. Inspector, with his associates travels to investigate the case.The way certain characters converse investigating the film is sharp and witty at times. When you try to build up on the tense, suspense and the scenes showed and then you will be like wait a minute what’s this happening with high tension and suspense and where will it lead to in just a matter of minutes from beginning of the movie. Getting very curious who could be that evil person doing all this and how badly it affects people personal lives.

Every passerby has something important to convey regarding the story rather than adding up joints to increase the length of the movie. Detailing has been handled effectively as someone always in action in the backdrop in a natural manner.

The 22 years old debutant Karthik Naren directed this movie in such a way resembles how specific he was up to withholding the hints without giving it away that easily. As the movie received plenty of applauds from multiple ace Tamil directors and celebrities mentioning the strong technical work of the young team of D16. It is evident and proved again with enough space given to youngsters and they can definitely strike big for the industry.

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It is a fantastic effort by the young team along with actor Rahman and Delhi Ganesh. Since it is a thriller and we have kept the spoilers out of the review for you to experience the thrill in theaters. No commercial masala element added at any stage. This got the audience hooked up to the screens and you check an alert in mobile there you might miss an important part of the movie even its just seconds.

There are loads of positives this movie has brought into the industry and set a new standard for thriller movie making. There are some one or two logical flaws but not very sound when comparing to the whole film output. Movies with this kind of unique storyline bring audience to the theaters. Due to the fact music plays an important role in bring up on the tone of suspense and tension. One cannot experience the same effect by watching the movie in personal devices in an illegal way. Lots of questions might appear after watching the whole movie but they will be answered from the subconscious mind as you travel back home. It will be fruitful and no short of goosebumps when you get hold on the whole movie outputs.

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