Brochure Vs Flyer – Which is the wise choice to attract your customer

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Marketing is essential in every business. If you own a business, you must do marketing for the growth of your business. You can’t sit in one place and think that people will come to know about your business. You have to tell them or show them that you own a business. There are various means of marketing, but we are going to cover two traditional ways that are brochure and flyer. We are going to see what does both methods and how they are benefits in your marketing.

The brochure is one the marketing means that uses to advertise your service or products. It can be folded into template, pamphlet or leaflet. Advertisements are usually distributed at a local place to the crowd or locations in the newspaper.


A flyer is generally single page paper that used to advertise your brand and organization, and it is used for a wide range of distribution. It is distributed in public place, handed to individuals or sent through the mail.

There are various brochure printing and flyer printing companies which give decent and attractive designs.

In the world of digitalization, many digital marketing methods have come into existence. Digital marketing like SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, SEM, etc. all gives best results with low investments. Although we cannot deny the importance and effectiveness of traditional marketing. When an individual comes in contact directly with the brochure or flyer, it has a different impact on it.

A flyer and brochure both have a significant impact on the peoples for marketing purpose. Both are ancient and traditional ways, so people have their trust in them.

Both the brochure and flyer have different design and size. A flyer is generally single sided with bold text which gives easy to read the book and is straight to the point that has an attractive and eye-catching image and design. On the other hand, the brochure is very detailed. It has many pages giving detailed information about the advertisement. Unlike flyer, the folder is double sided containing information.

Purpose – A flyer’s mission is to promote events or newly launched products. If you want to help concerts, newly opened club or restaurants, discount offers or recently launched a product; the flyer is useful in that. Flyers are generally distributed by hand in the crowd, and it is throw-away piece once read or have not interested.

Brochures are used as reference material. They are made with good quality, a thick paper with a better design containing detailed information. The prospectus contains detailed information about the services or products offered. It is placed in the racks at bank or clinic where parties are interested in finding more about that service or products.

Cost – As flyers are single sided and designed on thin paper, the price is less. Flyers are a better and inexpensive way to promote to a large group of people. They even sometimes printed in black and white to save cost.

The brochure contains more pages than flyers and has double sided information and designed with a full page. The cost of the pamphlet is more than flyers.


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