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A grand wedding is something that spreads happiness all over the place rather just spending lavish on everything. Like everyone else you can also have a wonderful wedding irrespective of your wedding budget. Chances are that you may feel absolutely awesome after completing your wedding on a budget friendly way. Here we have brought you budget friendly ideas to make yours a great Indian wedding.

The hard truth is that few of them who have lavishly spent on their wedding later only regretted their decision. You don’t require a huge budget to plan yourself an amazing wedding only if you can restrict certain things. Here are the specific things that we should take a closer look and cut short our budget on those areas.


Break the routine and request for wedding help from your friends rather the usual wedding gifts. Every one of us are lucky enough to have friends with random talents that will help you in your wedding. Look for a friend who is good at any specific thing, say for example “friend with musical talent”. Who knows, you may have an extremely skilled amateur singer or a photographer who at the same time willing to perform in your ceremony.


Marriage is definitely a one-time event which will bring along valuable memories all your life. Even then you have been stringent while preparing the guest invite list. Today’s wedding invitation card printers have become highly creative with their card designs and its sizes.

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The best thing about this is that we can find cheap invitation cards online without giving up on the quality. Make your wedding more intimate by choosing the best invitation cards at the lowest of the prices.


Allocate your hard-earned money on permanent things rather letting it wash away all your budget for a temporary happiness. Go minimal on buying flowers that will die shortly after the event as we are usually tempted to spend surplus amount of money on them.

You can even go further ahead and make your own bouquets the day before the ceremony by requesting any of your siblings or relatives to cut the roses and trim away the thorns. You will be blown away by how much you can save with this simple idea.


This idea might sound as a no-brainer as anyone who had their wedding dates fixed are always researching for creative ideas irrespective of anyone else pushing them to do so. Even then you should be selective on what you are researching as the Internet is filled with loads of good and not so good sources.

Involve your closest friends and family in the preparations as you get tons of ideas from different people. Reach out to married friends in your circle and request them what they did right and what went wrong. All this data will help you in avoiding the common mistakes and look intelligent on any given day.

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