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As most of us are aware that traveling is a beautiful thing in our lives as it helps to see new landscapes, people, cultures etc. The best outcome of anyone spending time to travel in their regular lifestyle attracts many positive vibes.

Needless to say the negatives things going around the world at this point of time and we are here to stress that have the courage to attack your fear and just go ahead do what you want to do with your life. Here are the beginner level tips to those who are waiting to fulfill their wild camping dreams.


After all, you got to bring in a thought that for how many more days you going to lie down under the same roof over your head. It is time to bring in some wise adventure in to your life as you crave for the ultimate wanderlust. Below are the common things you must follow to get started with camping in the wild.


Typical people put off their camping dreams considering the cost of the camping gears and accessories these days. Considering the massive eager to go wild travel, the cost of the camping gears has come down considerably. You can buy a quality 2 member tent for just around Rs. 2499; the one we would suggest is the Quechua Arpenaz 2 Tent. Next you need a sleeping bag which will help you keep you warm and in complete comfort, we suggest you the Trajectory Bonfire Sleeping Bag in Royal Blue which also comes with a wallet and phone pocket.


Generally it is preferable to choose campsite on the up side as you don’t need anyone else to keep an eye on you. May on a mountain where you can set up your camp on top of the road just to have an eye on the road. In case you a dog lover then you may bring in your pet along with you to boost your confidence. This is just for you to begin with rather to threaten for any unexpected situations. You are going super fine with wild camping if you make use of your common sense so as to no regret at the end of the day.


Now it is time to do a practice camp, rather thinking about what else you have to buy. The common mistake that most beginner level camp lovers make is to keep on worrying about what they have to miss to buy. Frankly speaking, you don’t need to make a camping essential list rather just buy the basic stuff and begin your practice camp at your home itself. Yes, pitch on your tent and make sure you are able to simply put up the tent and make yourself comfortable inside for few moments.

What would you do in live if you weren’t afraid?


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