Skyrocketing career growth – Ideas to Follow


Technology around us is visualizing rocket-speed growth. With the abundance of technology tools available, it is evident that anyone with a clear career plan can have skyrocketing growth.

Let us discuss the basic components that will lead you to a better position from wherever you are now.

What can we do better to achieve rapid growth in our careers? Two things play a major role here.

Planning and Executing it. Planning takes 30% of the resource in success, whereas Execution takes 70%. Because just executing our plan properly without any intervention towards the plan will result in the betterment, right?

The key to our future is the commitment we put in today to mastering the skills and becoming valuable to the team, customers, and the company. The question is how well we can construct the steps to reach the top.

A positive approach in today’s global environment is highly important to attain our ambitions. You can put out valuable time to reach your career goal by laying out a clear set of growth plans.

No matter whatever your current position in the Industry, there is always space for improvisation in our work. With the technology trending like never before worldwide, the one who keeps himself updated with the latest tech can surpass the competition in the valley with no surprise.

Break Goals into Smaller Parts

Breaking down your career growth into bits and pieces provides a better understanding of the target and gives confidence in achieving them at ease. Commit publicly by sharing the goal with colleagues, managers, family, and friends.

Listen to Co-workers’ Suggestions

When your goal is shared with your surroundings, it is obvious they will set you on the right path if you unknowingly navigate somewhere. Embrace the thoughts and suggestions your co-worker discusses with you and let them know you are listening to his ideas.

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Help Others for their Growth

Your personal career growth indirectly depends on the company’s growth and the colleagues working with you. Earn others’ respect by helping them when they get stuck in the workflow. Doing this will lift the positivity in the atmosphere and result in the collective growth of the organization.

Use LinkedIn as a Networking Tool

It’s not just what you know but who you know. The more we express and expand our contact, the more opportunities it brings to us.

Engage with people who work in your desired field and create a network to get to know various organizations’ trends. For example, one of your friends has benefited from a PMP certification and got promoted.

LinkedIn is a tech medium that helps us connect with others over the web and build professional relationships. When he/she gets the certification, they will be updating them on the LinkedIn platform through which you can get to know it when you are connected with the right people in the network.

Ask for Help

Whenever you need something or get stuck somewhere in the project, then without hesitation, reach out to your colleagues or subordinates for help and discuss overcoming the problem. That’s how your colleagues and subordinates never feel any pressure while reaching out to you on any matter they require some input on.

Take Action

Finally, believe you are highly committed to your career growth and take action to successfully implement and execute the plan on a positive note. Change brings success when you stop wishing, acting upon them, and believing in them.

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