Caring in Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts for husband

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Pregnancy is an important stage in every woman’s life. One should take much care during this time. It is not only the duty of the wife but also the duty of the husband. Every husband should take care of his wife during the pregnancy time. Since the husband too have the part to give birth to his child, it is necessary to take care of his wife and nurture the child right from the womb. A husband can take of his wife during pregnancy in many ways.

During pregnancy not only the child’s health is important but also the mother’s health. Therefore, it is a duty of the husband to take care of his wife during this time.

Tips to take care of pregnant wife

Following are some of the tips, some do’s and don’ts for the husbands to take care of his pregnant wife


Support her

During this time a woman faces many changes both emotionally and hormone vise. It is difficult for her to cope up with the changes that take place physically and emotionally. Also, she feels tough to meet the psychological needs at this time. Therefore, the husband has to be more caring, affectionate and attentive towards his wife. The husband should realize that his wife is caring one more life inside her and she needs extra love and care.

Take her to the check-ups regularly

It is the most important thing a husband has to do for his wife. He should take care of his wife’s health and take her for the regular check-ups. For example, if she needs some treatment like fertility treatment he should take her to the best fertility hospital in Chennai. Also, if she needs to take any medicine the husband should support her to take it properly

Take care of her diet

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The husband should make sure that she is taking a good diet and healthy foods. He can feed her with healthy fruits and foods. Make her eat the healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and salads. Provide her foods that are rich in iron. Help her to remain hydrated and ask her to drink plenty of water. He can make juices for her and give it to her regularly. This makes both your wife and your child healthy.

Do households

As she is in pregnancy, it is difficult for her to do some household activities. Take part with her in the household activities like cooking, cleaning, mopping, dishes, and laundry. Make her feel relaxed and don’t let her do hard activities. Taking part in the household activities is a great relief for her.


Do not stress her and make her tensed. This is because it is not good for her health and the child’s health

Don’t leave her alone when she is in the last stage of pregnancy, especially during the delivery weeks

Don’t let her do any activity that strains her

Do not hesitate your wife and don’t do anything that makes her feel stressed. If she feels stressed, then the baby also gets affected


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