Painting with sparklers fireworks – Behind the lens

Painting a picture with the sparklers is very interesting and fun work. At the same time, it teaches you a number of photographic techniques you will need to master for taking fireworks displays. Using wedding sparklers at the end of the wedding night this is not a new trend that can be seen often. But using these sparklers will create a fantastic feel. Don’t think these sparklers can only be ...

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Royal Stag vs. Royal Challenge: Which to prefer?

India is the largest consumer of whisky in the world and this means there are a lot options for consumers as each brands vies to get a piece of the pie. Within this muddle, there are 2 brands which compete in the same segment and both have massive annual sales. Royal Stag and Royal Challenge, although similar sounding these ‘royals’ have their own loyalty amongst aficionados. Seagram’s Royal Stag Seagram’s Royal Stag ...

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Best movies by my favourite Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi

A few days ago, my favourite actor Vijay Sethupathi (VJS) alias Makkal Selvan celebrated his 41st birthday. With humble origins as a background artist, he has grown to become one of the most known actors in the Tamil film industry. Being a big fan of his spectacular work, I feel like watching his movies again and again. Now, that’s exactly I get to do with Vijay Sethupathi’s best tamil movies ...

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Top Romantic Getaways in India – Destinations Every Couple Should Visit in 2019

The world is full of beautiful destinations and India especially carries a serene beauty of places for you to visit. Traveling as a couple is a rare enjoyment and planning for a perfect getaway makes the journey to be more romantic. Create timeless memories with your loved one by planning for a visit to one of the top romantic spots in India. With the Valentine’s Day kicking in a couple ...

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How to save our traditional and cultural methods – Importance of festivals

India is famous for its culture and tradition, which is considered as the oldest and very interesting culture among all over the world. Well, our culture has gained lots of popularity because the vital components of our culture include good manners, civilized communication, beliefs, etiquette, values, rituals, etc. People in India have their own culture and tradition and they have own festival and celebration according to their own rituals. So, ...

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Traditional Celebration

Benefits Of Celebrating Festival In Rural Areas – Traditional Methods

A country will have different communities and religions and hence there will be different festivals to celebrate. Some festivals will be celebrated in a fascinated way and some other festivals will be celebrated in a traditional way. The festivals that demands traditional celebration will be celebrated in the village areas of that country. The celebration in the village or rural areas will be different while comparing to the celebration that ...

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Becoming successful in today’s life isn’t as easy as it seems, you have to master yourself to learn and understand how people succeed in life. Construct your mind for mental toughness and believe in yourself. There is a misunderstanding constantly revolving in this millennium that one has to young and creative in order to succeed in life. But the reality is different, doesn’t matter you are young or old; if you ...

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2017 is coming to a close with just couple of week time for new year. Indian online shopping sites giving selling people’s favorite products for the cheapest rate. Grab the final chance may be to get your favorite coolers, headphone, speakers, books, and many more for never before prices. All these products are top ranked in customer reviews for their best use, long life and affordable pricing. All around the year, ...

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It is no surprise that humans value gold and silver so much for a very long time. We have heard in our childhood stories that gold biscuits were used for trade before the money came in. Even though gold is chemically uninteresting due to its behavior with other elements, gold is certainly the shiny thing that attracts everyone even in the distance. Gold plays a major role in defining a country’s ...

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Wedding photo

Pre-wedding celebration photo shoots – Plan your wedding

One of the popular practices followed in today’s wedding ceremonies is the pre-wedding photo shoot. This pre-photo shoots of a wedding is an important aspect which is used by most of the wedding couples today. Gone are the days where wedding couples are taken photo shots only on their wedding ceremony day. On that day, photographs of the wedding couples are takes with their guests and family members. The pre-wedding photo ...

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New year celebration

Welcome This New Year 2018 –Colorful Tips And Ideas

There are a lot of festivals are celebrated in this world by the people. Every year people in several parts of the world celebrate different festivals. One common festival celebrated by the people around the world is the New Year. Even though this festival is observed on different days around the world it is a famous and common one in the world. A number of people are eagerly waiting for ...

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Beautiful skin

How to Really Succeed in Acheiving your Beauty Goals

Beauty is a pride for all of us. Especially for women being beautiful is very significant. That’s why most of the women want to look beautiful. No women want to look ugly or beauty less. In order to look beautiful people take a lot of efforts and follow different practices. Most of the people make and follow a fitness chart or practice and maintain that to achieve their beauty goal. ...

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