History of Diary Writing

Diaries are personally written records of daily life and opinions organized by date, by a person. The art of diary-keeping became popular in around the 18th century, and the practice reached its peak during the Victorian era. While personalized diaries were usually meant to record the private thoughts of the person who owns it, this has given us important insights into historical events from the past and everything from culture, ...

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Transform Your Life with the Power of Positivity

Positive Thinking: - The words itself says to think positive and be energetic. This positive thinking takes us towards achievements. Many of us are dwelling about past worst experiences like failed marriages, failed exams, divorces, lost opportunities, lost their dream job, etc. Many rejections regarding study, job, and work may lead to frustration.  But when you sustain with the same rejections and failure, it will be a daunting task to proceed ...

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Simple Ways to Stay on Task Throughout the Day – Start Journaling Right Now!

Staying organized is a never-ending task, but when trying to find ways to stay organized when you're super busy, it seems like the difficulty level. When you have deadlines looming and projects piling up, it seems like chaos is nipping right at your heels. Papers start cluttering your desk, folders are thrown willy nilly, you have pens behind your ear and in your hair. Trying to stay on top of ...

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Why Diary Writing Should Be Strictly Implemented in Schools – Discipline Goals

Discipline comes with a routine. It is a good habit to implement routing in children from a very young age. Writing a diary can not only help them understand the routine but also improve their memory as they try and recall what all was done from morning while writing the diary at the end of the day. Implementing diary writing in schools: Implementing diary writing in schools can have very good educational ...

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