How To Transition From Paper Trading To Buying Stocks Online?

What is Paper Trading?  Paper trading is a simulated trading environment that allows the user to experience market activity without losing or winning any money. The orders are entered and executed, the participant can view the outcome of the order - all in a simulated environment, without the exchange of money.  Traders can test and practice investing or trading with different financial securities without committing any real money and thus not exposing ...

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How Can Wearing Protective Gear While Riding Save Your Life?

How Can Wearing Protective Gear While Riding Save Your Life?  Imagine the excitement of freedom a biker experience on a wide road. Their excitement knows no limit. Moreover, if it is summer when the roads are dry and there is no snow around, it makes a “the cherry on the top” scenario for them, as they don’t have to worry about any road hazard. However, there are many bikers who do ...

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Technology Is Making It Easier For You To Manage Your GST Accounts

Every individual who comes under GST is required to maintain and keep records at their principal place of business. You should maintain account if you are the owner of a business, transporter, or an operator of a warehouse, godown, or any place that is used for storing goods. Every person whose turnover exceeds the prescribed limit of Rs. 2 crores during a financial year will have their accounts audited by ...

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5 factors that affect intraday trading

Online share trading is an effective way of augmenting your income. Invest your savings wisely in the stock market and you could create significant wealth. One way to start buying and selling securities in the stock market is through intraday trading. Here, the trader profits from small fluctuations in price. In intraday trading, you cannot hold a position for more than a day. This means that if stocks are bought at ...

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Do you know the difference between an NRI and a PIO?

Anytime talk veers to the topic of the Indian diaspora, you hear terms like NRI and PIO to describe Indians living abroad. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that they are synonyms. There are clear differences between NRIs and PIOs. Let’s find out what these are. Who is an NRI? NRI stands for ‘non-resident Indian’. So, an NRI is a person who holds an Indian passport but does not reside ...

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5 Important Steps To Take After a Sudden Two Wheeler Accident

With the increasing number of vehicles running on the road, the probability for unforeseen road accidents is also increasing. But the problem is not basically with the number of vehicles, the problem is with people who do not follow traffic rules and drive so rashly that someone else gets hurt due to their ludicrous behavior. You too can become a target of such people and may meet an accident while driving ...

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Two Wheeler Sales likely to grow by 8% -10% in FY19

Rapid urbanization and a growing middle-class population have led to an increase in demand for two-wheelers in recent years. Due to the convenience associated with two-wheelers, they have become the first priority for daily commute in the urban areas. The growing per-capita income, higher minimum support price, and farm loan waiver have added to the expansion of the domestic two-wheeler industry. Commenting in this context, the Investment Information and Credit Rating ...

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4 Benefits of Term Insurance Plans

Today, everyone knows the importance of life insurance plans. Yet, when it comes to details about the different options, there are some doubts everyone seems to have. For example, the benefits of term insurance are plenty but some people may not still know how this policy works. Simply put, term insurance is a life insurance cover. When you buy term insurance, you get life insurance cover for a certain number ...

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Why ULIPs Are The Smart Investment Option in 2019?

Introduction In today’s volatile scenario, with fluctuating returns from financial instruments, every investor is looking to maximize returns, with minimum risk. Further, there is a plethora of investment options and miss-selling of products by agents, with each claiming to offer the highest returns. For a common investor, selecting the right investment option, suited to his needs of market-linked returns, insurance cover, assured sum on maturity, low risk and tax benefits can ...

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Ease of Purchasing an Investment Plan Online over Traditional Method

Most experts would suggest that the best way to increase your wealth is by investing your money. This is a sound financial advice heeded by most salaried individuals and businessmen. After all, who doesn’t want to make extra money, right? If you are one of them, you must know that there a plethora of avenues for investing your money and this has rendered the process extremely convenient. Given the global ...

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5 Facts About Systematic Investment Plan You Should Know

Systematic Investment Plan also referred to as SIP is a very well-organized way of investing your money in a mutual fund. When you setup an SIP with mutual fund, a certain amount of money gets debited from your account every month. This amount would then be invested in a mutual fund that you prefer. The investment you make here, is accumulated and continues to grow over a period of time. Here ...

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