life hacks for men, things that can change your life - The 7 Scientifically Proven Life Hacks for Men

The 7 Scientifically Proven Life Hacks for Men

Men are always looking for new ways to make their life better. Men want more time, more money, and better sex life. Men also want to be healthier, stronger, and smarter. In this blog post, we'll share 7 proven life hacks that can help you improve your health, increase income potential and even get the girl of your dreams! The Power of Small Changes One of the most important things to know about ...

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Online vs offiline

Stay Well Protected – When Online and Offline

The smarter and more inter-connected our phones and laptops become, the more vulnerable they are to being exploited. When your devices are constantly connected to Wi-Fi sources that may not be encrypted, it creates a whole new array of opportunities for hackers and scammers. This allows them to infiltrate your networks and exploit any personal information you might have saved on your desktop, phone, or online storage/drive service. That is ...

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Why is Internet Safety Important for Kids?

In this technology-driven world, where the internet answers almost all our questions, we must be aware of what information we share in that process of discovery. Staying at home all day while going through this quarantine, the internet has become the go-to platform to seek entertainment, showcase talent, expand business and, most important of all, develop the educational system for children. It’s almost possible to find anything with the help of ...

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Make Math Easy

Make Math Exciting for Your Children!

By the time middle school rolls in, mathematics slowly begins to rank as one of the less preferred subjects in many children’s views. Formulae and algorithms aren’t always approached with the level of excitement other subjects like language or the arts. Quite often, this is because it is a subject that requires individuals to make mistakes and learn from them. This constant need for trial and error to solve an ...

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Four Ways to Improve a Student’s Articulation Skills

Oral expression is one of the most important skills a student can develop, as sharpening one’s articulation can be the key to academic and social success. Mastering the oral exchange of language can help students better interact with their peers, receive new information, and contribute ideas to larger audiences as they grow older. Polishing one’s articulation does not mean the exclusive use of heavy jargon and terms, but rather the ...

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Bolt donated US dollars 50,000 to the Red Cross Society of China.

The Benefits of Being Multi-lingual

Ours is a small world, and it’s getting smaller by the day. Cultures and communities are far more  connected and interdependent on each other than they were a decade back. Bilingualism and multilingualism is one of the most useful skill sets for your child to possess today and in the future. Knowing multiple languages will especially come in handy should your child decide to continue his/her studies or career either ...

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Who’s Doing The Homework in Your Home?

It is important to take a moment and evaluate your role as a parent during your child’s homework time. Simultaneously it’s necessary to know the difference between getting involved and doing your kid’s homework for them. Every parent and guardian needs to see themselves as a “home-coach”. They cannot run the races for their children, but they can help organise and advise them to further improve their performance. Too much involvement ...

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YT Cover

Four Guaranteed Ways To Help Your Child Handle Exam Stress

Most of us can look back on our school days and remember the anxiety-ridden nights before our exams. Whether it was a simple class test or a final year exam, we definitely faced our share of ‘exam stress’. However, the repercussions of such anxiety and frustration can sometimes be rather damaging to one’s confidence, cognitive abilities and emotional health. Children today feel more pressure to perform to the best of ...

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Four Pillars Of Effective Pedagogy

If you’re a teacher or an educational practitioner, here are some fundamentals to enabling an effective and inclusive learning space for your students. Collaboration: An instructor can maximize teaching when there is a joint productive activity. Collaboration creates space for trust and modeling. It also helps generate a common shared experience between teacher and student, within a learning environment. In turn, it provides room for the teacher to really get to ...

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Usain Bolt Mannerism

Frequently Asked Questions: IGCSE Edition

With access to a variety of educational curricula, parents are now faced with the conundrum of selecting the right board for their children. The availability of both national and international boards of education has increased the number of choices students have across their higher secondary schooling. National boards like SSC and CBSE are now faced with counterparts such as IB and IGCSE. If you are interested in enrolling your child in ...

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Inclusive Teaching Techniques

What is inclusive teaching? It concerns itself with teaching methods that encourage and support accessible learning for students of all backgrounds. There are certain strategies that teachers and educational practitioners can utilize to better recognize a variety of skills and differences that exist amongst students. The sign of a good teacher is to ensure that a student’s learning environment only seeks to improve upon the strengths that they already have. Here ...

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A Dual Pathway with IGCSE

The International GCSE boards offer both a national and global gateway to higher studies. The accreditation allows for your child to comfortably continue their education within the country or abroad. In comparison to other alternative education boards, the IGCSE syllabus provides a wider range of subjects and skillets for students to select from. Additionally, its certification helps young graduates find better career opportunities. The IGCSE examination also incorporates language tests ...

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