What are the Student Loans Refinance Rates and Loan Forgiveness Programs?

Education these days can be quite expensive, due to this almost more than half the students who attend universities avail a student loan. However, when it comes down to repaying the loan on time, it may seem impossible for some as their monthly payments are too high. To solve this crisis, more and more lenders are offering programs such as student loan refinancing and student loan forgiveness programs. These can ...

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Things to Consider While Buying an Electric Scooter in India

When it comes to the most convenient and economical personal transport, an electric scooter ranks up the top of the list. The popularity of these vehicles is increasing day by day for exceptional performance, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. According to the study report, it is estimated that this mode of transportation will make its marvellous presence across the world by 2030. The new generation electric vehicles are equipped with plenty ...

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Why Gold is One of the Safest Investment in Early 2020

Gold- a precious metal that everyone knows about. You can own gold in various forms- physical, e-gold, gold-focused mutual funds, etc. The value of gold always keeps changing and sometimes this change is very large. It also has a reputation for doing poorly when the stock market is soaring high. Because of these reasons, many term gold investment ‘risky’, which is not true. Using gold as a part of a ...

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Overseas Transfer Deals

Men or Women: Who Are More Interested in Overseas Transfer Deals?

You are thrilled about moving abroad. There is so much to look forward to—a new culture, a new place, so many new experiences. But you have some worries too. For instance, you might need to transfer funds to your loved ones in India and to continue your investments back home. How will you do that? Regardless of your gender, money transfer to India from USA and other geographies is easy nowadays. ...

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How to Generate Income during Retirement

Retirement is truly the golden period of your life. This is the time when you are finally free from all responsibilities. Your children have most probably grown up and settled down, which means that you can explore a different side of you. However, it also marks the end of your earning period, and you no longer have regular paychecks coming in every month. Therefore, to provide for your monthly expenses ...

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Want High Returns? Invest In These 5 Investment Options

To build your wealth, it is essential to not just save money, but also knowing where to invest money, and to choose the best investment plans for your financial security and money management. If you want to generate maximum returns, you can explore the following 5 investment options: 1. Public Provident Fund (PPF): Public Provident Fund is a popular investment option. It offers risk-free and guaranteed high returns, with full tax ...

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5 Important Steps To Take After a Sudden Two Wheeler Accident

With the increasing number of vehicles running on the road, the probability for unforeseen road accidents is also increasing. But the problem is not basically with the number of vehicles, the problem is with people who do not follow traffic rules and drive so rashly that someone else gets hurt due to their ludicrous behavior. You too can become a target of such people and may meet an accident while driving ...

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Gifting Ideas: A Single ULIP over A Bouquet of Tulips

A bouquet of Tulips can certainly be considered as a very romantic gift. However, Unit-Linked Insurance Plans or ULIP plans could also be considered as a thoughtful gift. As a matter of fact, having a ULIP under your name is more than just taking out a regular insurance policy for securing your family’s future. Since ULIPs are associated with equities or market funds, they are more vulnerable to risks. Despite the ...

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5 Brilliant Hacks To Make Your Car’s AC Hyper Effective!

Imagine buying your dream car and spending money on the best motor insurance policy to protect your precious vehicle, only to realize that it does not perform as well as you had expected! This can be even more reason for misery in this hot weather if the AC of your car fails to provide the required coolness. ACs of different vehicles can work in separate ways. However, there are ways ...

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