5 Things to Look for in Accident Attorneys

Experienced attorneys, when suited, will undoubtedly ensure that you receive every amount of the monetary compensation you’re legally entitled to. However, accident attorneys are far more specialized than “social case” lawyers, and there are several things you should know when you’re searching for one. Word of Mouth One of the most important things you should investigate is the attorney’s reputation in the community. Ideally, you want to hand your case over ...

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Google payments

Google’s New Feature “Google Pay” Will Soon Rolled Out- Interesting App to Go Ahead!

To tap into the Indian digital payment space, Google on Tuesday rolled out its new payment app, dubbed as Google Pay. Yes, the Google Tez is now rebranded as the Google Pay, which will payment service the better scope, take the product global and import numerous global features in India. As of now, the company has partnered with four banks HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank and Federal Bank ...

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Tourist place

Best countries to visit in 2018 – Capture the holiday moments

It is a holiday month, its time to spend your time along with family and friends. If you are planning to travel beyond India this summer, and have a confusion of where to land in. Here we come up with some suggestion of best countries to visit in this summer 2018. THAILAND If you are looking for a budget-friendly and wild celebration place, Thailand is the perfect suggestion for you. Thailand is ...

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How to save our traditional and cultural methods – Importance of festivals

India is famous for its culture and tradition, which is considered as the oldest and very interesting culture among all over the world. Well, our culture has gained lots of popularity because the vital components of our culture include good manners, civilized communication, beliefs, etiquette, values, rituals, etc. People in India have their own culture and tradition and they have own festival and celebration according to their own rituals. So, ...

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A Beginner’s guide to Personal Development – Growth Marathon Ideas

The personality of an individual is determined and judged by their appearance, behaviour, attitude, mindset, education, values and some more varying characteristics. It is the is the process of developing a set of characteristics and traits which contribute to the overall personality of a person. It is essential for personal as well as professional wellbeing.  Personality development is not a one-time process, it cannot happen in a single day or ...

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digital marketing

Wave of digital marketing in 2017 -Business strategies

Digital Marketing Era: With the advent of the internet and all of the latest technologies, Marketing has been turned into a more digitalized manner. Offline work and all paper related work has taken a backseat as everything today has been in mostly digital form. Be it any kind of business or any home work, People have carved their way to digital solutions. With the invention of  latest technologies around the globe, The ...

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tea variety

Varieties of tea and its incredible health benefits

The birthplace of tea is China. Tea has a long history and is steeped in traditions from around the world, making it the second most popular and consumed drink in the world next to water. There are different types of teas and endless variations and flavors. Beyond refreshment, people like and love teas for its incredible health benefits. Camellia sinensis is a species of evergreen shrub whose leaves and leaf buds ...

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Why paper book is important than eBooks for your children

Children’s are so talented in natural and the role of parents is to bring out the talents from their child with any resources. Schools are the important place where we can learn lot of things apart from the chapters in the books. The teachers will help out the children’s in the school and taught various subjects as per educations standards. Even though every child must come out of book to ...

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Are we really becoming to be keyboard activists and not really doing anything to obtain a solution? Keyboard activists are those who just get on to the social media Twitter, Facebook and just create social media war rather working on to script a common solution to all. Similarly, the recent incident that took place on Twitter about Sachin Tendulkar attending the Rajya Sabha session is real scary. People who trolling Sachin ...

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honor 8 pro vs OnePlus 5 Price Specification Features review

Mobile Wars: Honor 8 Pro vs OnePlus 5 – Specifications, Features & Price

Released during the 2017’s first quarter, both Huawei’s Honor 8 Pro and OnePlus 5 stand neck to neck in terms of features, specifications and price. Here’s a brief look on the basic features and specifications of both the models . Dubbed ‘BORN FOR SPEED’ by its makers, Honor 8 Pro was released to markets in April 2017 with prices starting from Rs 29,999. Equipped with Octa-core Kirin 960 processor combined along ...

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Oneplus 5 - Launch Specifications Review Price Surfolks

OnePlus 5 vs Samsung S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Specification, Features and Price

Held in Mumbai on June 22nd, the OnePlus 5 Indian launch is the most awaited event for both Smartphone users and trade pundits alike. With Amazon India ensuring its purchase right from evening of its launch, the fans have been thrown into a tizzy. During the launch, the makers revealed the 64 GB version would cost INR 33,000 while the 128 GB version is priced INR 38,000. Before hitting the buy ...

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