5 Main Benefits of Drip Marketing Campaigns

We are all familiar with email marketing campaigns, but what exactly is email drip campaign? Drip campaign marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or ‘drips’, pre-written emails (or other messages) to prospects, engaging them over an extended period of time. The messages generally happen at pre-determined stages in the prospect’s interaction with the company, and, despite being automated, tailor the information to the likely behaviour of the prospect at ...

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Digital Advertisements Vs Display Advertisements – Pros and Cons

The advertisement is all about informing your audience about your products or services or any launch at the right place and at the right time. Today in this digital era, the smartphone is the one common source that connects people worldwide. All most everyone now holds a mobile phone and access to the internet. Digital platforms are in increasing day by day and getting more associated with digital marketing environment. ...

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lead generation

Here Is How To Drive More Leads With Email Marketing

  Despite the rapid growth of social media and other technologies, E-mail still remains as one of the effective marketing channels. Yes, according to a research by the Direct Marketing Association, email has a median ROI of 122%, which is four times higher than other marketing formats. Many business entrepreneurs do well at generating leads, but it can’t stop over there. Your leads need to be carried out further down your funnel. ...

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How to Disable Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone

Advertisements can be so annoying when it exceeds to show up beyond the user’s patience. Recently, many Android phone users reported an issue after using Reliance Jio 4G SIM.  Ever since an user starts to use a Reliance Jio 4G SIM on their Android Smartphone, they were bombarded with ads repeatedly. After looking out solution for this, we have come across a method where you can successfully block Jio from ...

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5 Reputation Management SEO Tips to Consider

5 Reputation Management SEO Tips to Consider This is the digital era and that’s where the reputation of a brand is made. It was not long ago when just good services brought new customers from mouth of word. Reputation has been a market game since the evolution of business but there has been a platform shift from offline word of mouth reputation tot genuine online reviews and feedbacks. Competition is harsh ...

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5 Social Media Practices To Improve SEO

5 Social Media Practices To Improve SEO SEO and social media marketing go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. Social media marketing is a massive part of any business to grow these days. In times of such great competition, there are certain things one needs to keep in mind in order to produce content that is good enough for social media. Building a credible brand profile, trust among ...

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Trend Technology

Must needed Apps for Marketing – 2018 Technology Trends

To run successful business two things are needed to consider to speeding away on market among the competitors. The productivity of the business is depending on the marketing strategy which helps you to connect, engage with regular or new customers and it is the greatest opportunity to stay live with targeted audiences for better revenues. Originality, simplicity, and efficiency are the three mantras in the marketing to achieve your goals ...

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Successful strategy

Amazon vs Flipkart – Successful Strategy and Positioning

E-commerce marketplace in India has seen tremendous growth in past few years. As a proof, it has been fueled by 1 lakh to 1 billion sellers, who have been on-boarded by this e-tail platform. Even though there are too many sellers, only Amazon and Flipkart come to our mind when we talk about online business. Today, each and every e-commerce entrepreneur has the aim to beat Amazon and Flipkart. Can we ...

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Unique leads

Pros and Cons of Unique Leads – Social Media Marketing Strategy

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed of individuals, who are constantly exploring new business opportunities. Some might seek out new opportunities while others constantly being pitched some new ideas. In today’s digital world, many entrepreneurs drawn to online business because they can access the entire world right at your fingertips. Thanks to the internet and modern technologies, for being experiencing the explosive growth in the online industry. The word online business is ...

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social media

Make the people remember your business name with different promotional ideas

Every business has a unique name to recognize in the market as the brand name. Your business should have the unique business name easy to speak & most important represents your business. The promotion is the most important thing for any new product or business. However, your product has qualities but if the promotion will not do properly then maybe you face the loss of money. The same thing is ...

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