Survival of Test Cricket – Past, Present & Future

Test Cricket is the longest form of Cricket. The Test matches are contested by the 12 ICC full member nations. In test cricket, the two teams play a four-innings match and the test cricket is the only format of the game where each team has the opportunity to bat and bowl two times in the same match. A standard test cricket match is scheduled to be played over 5 consecutive ...

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Best quality headphones for under Rs. 900

Headphones have become the most essential gadget for any Smartphone user. It helps big time in various scenarios of our human life. We use headphones to listen to audio, watch videos, talk over phone, record media and lot many other things. Without a headphone it would totally be a disaster as the most part of our day relies on it. In today’s life the headphones were most required to keep us ...

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A Beginner’s guide to Personal Development – Growth Marathon Ideas

The personality of an individual is determined and judged by their appearance, behaviour, attitude, mindset, education, values and some more varying characteristics. It is the is the process of developing a set of characteristics and traits which contribute to the overall personality of a person. It is essential for personal as well as professional wellbeing.  Personality development is not a one-time process, it cannot happen in a single day or ...

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I was actually watching some random productivity videos on Vimeo. All of a sudden, this video has got the fruitful information that everyone should make use of. With the power of just the free things available on Internet alone you and me can become truly a millionaire. This is really possible by making use of our common sense to simplify things. Here are top Google Chrome extensions that helps to simplify ...

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Women’s Indian Cricket Last Over Thriller – World Cup Qualifier

  Cricket is a religion in India. Cricket is the only sport where the country tends to love it, respect it so passionately. With the advent of the internet now, there would be a large number of fans watching cricket live streaming on their mobile phones. The pressure is up always when India is playing matches with any team in any format of the games (ODI, Test, T20). Most of them we ...

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Cricket being the gentlemen’s game with no lack of pace and tense moments on the field. Modern day cricket has improved a lot with the advent of T20 cricket, possibilities are enormous for batsmen or a bowler. Around the world, Batsmen are the one who gets most of the cheers in the game but there are few Bowlers who were astonishing in their department and still continuing to do so. One ...

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Lakshmipathy Balaji calls it a day – Retires from First-Class Cricket | Sports

Former Indian and TamilNadu paceman Lakshimipathi Balaji has announced retirement from first-class cricket. The veteran bowler represented India in 8 Tests, 30 ODIs and 5 T20Is. “I have decided to move on, it’s the right time. But it’s not a complete (retirement) announcement. I’ll continue to play T20s in tournaments like the TNPL.” , told Balaji (to Wisden India). Hailing from Uttukaadu (Walajabad) in Kanchipuram District, TamilNadu; Balaji made his first-class ...

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Cool Down Stretches Post Workout Featured

Get To Know: Cool Down Workouts – Importance and Benefits | Sports & Fitness

‘Cool Down’, as the term suggests denotes a group of low-intense physical activities that allows the body to cool down. Cool downs are performed following high-intense workouts/physical activities to return the body to its normal state. While many avoid warm ups due laziness; shunning cool down workouts happens due to lack of knowledge about its significance. Eluding cool down leads to lethal injuries in the long haul. The main purpose of ...

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Warm up Exercises Cartoon

Get to know: Warm-up Exercises – Importance and Benefits | Sports & Fitness

  Sports evoke enthusiasm of astronomical proportions. Right from our childhood we love to play all day but pursuing it professionally is a different thing. Choosing sports as a career is a complete contrast from sports as a leisure time activity. First of all, it involves discipline, dedication and both depends on routine & practice. We love sports but hate routine. Speaking of routine, the basic thing propping on everyone’s mind ...

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Paul Pogba Signs for Manchester United Most Expensive Player

Paul Pogba moves to Manchester United for a record breaking €105 Million

Midfielder Paul Pogba has become the most expensive player of all time with his return to Manchester United for a record staggering 105 Million Euros. His contract with Manchester United would be for a period of 5 years with a choice to extend another year. Pogba’s remuneration surpasses the feat held by Real Madrid when they paid 85 Million Euros for the forwarder Gareth Bale in 2013. Regarding his transfer to ...

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Virender Sehwag singing Kaise Batayae while batting video

One & Only Sehwag: Viru’s singing moment while batting – A Real Legend [Videos]

It’s not Sehwag, it’s Sehwhack that’s the simplest way to describe Viru. His attacking batting style along with his sarcastic and humorous way talks have captivated millions of cricket lovers and fans all around. Very recently, a video where Sehwag sings “Kaise Bataye” while facing Allan Donald during the All Stars exhibition match has gone viral among the social media. The most dashing player of his time, Virender Sehwag’s batting was ...

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