Windows 11: Here’s How You’ll Update Later in the Year

Windows 11 is coming later this year, but it will not be available for everyone until much closer to October. For those eager to use the upcoming Windows 11 operating system as soon as it becomes available, you might want to consider downloading it manually or just getting a new PC. Windows 11 will be available for free to current Windows users and those buying new PCs.  However, the update is likely to ...

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Why is Internet Safety Important for Kids?

In this technology-driven world, where the internet answers almost all our questions, we must be aware of what information we share in that process of discovery. Staying at home all day while going through this quarantine, the internet has become the go-to platform to seek entertainment, showcase talent, expand business and, most important of all, develop the educational system for children. It’s almost possible to find anything with the help of ...

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