Celebrations with Beer – Interesting German Festivals

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Many countries in the world have beers as a big part of their culture. Several countries celebrate the brewing of some type of beer at certain times of the year. This is typically based on the culture and habitats of the people they follow in the country. In some countries in the world, beer occupies an important part in festivals. Some festivals are especially celebrated as beer festivals in many countries. For example, in German, people celebrate interesting beer festivals. They consider festivals are a great way to try new varieties and unusual beers and to know much about beer.

Also, people in German use festivals as a great opportunity to meet new brewers and also other beer lovers. Beer festivals are a great chance for brewing homemade beers and to find different beers and brewing processes. In these festivals, a number of beers tents or beer halls are set up and brewers from different places of the country offer their wares to the people. Awards are also given out for different beer categories at the bigger beer festivals and these awards have international recognition. People in Germany will buy sparklers and celebrate their beer festivals as a grand celebration.


German Beer Festivals

Oktoberfest beer festival

This country is well known for its famous Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich. This is one of the largest beer festivals in the world. This festival is held each year in Germany. This beer festival lasts more than two weeks and celebrates a special harvest beer called Oktoberfest. This festival is adapted by many other countries of the world and German people all over the world celebrate this festival every year.

Cannstatter Volksfest

Other than this, there is 7 other small beer festivals are celebrated in Germany throughout the year. Like Cannstatter Volksfest is a beer festival celebrated here.

Bavarian strong beer festival

The Bavarian fifth season: Strong Beer Festival is also held in Germany in the spring season. In this festival, people enjoy beers that are produced in the month of March

Erlangen Bergkirhweih

The Erlangen Bergkirchweih is celebrated for more than 55 years. These traditional beer festivals attract more than a million visitors every year. The atmosphere and charm of the Berch attract the young as well as the old people to enjoy their beers.


This is an annual beer festival celebrated in the small town of Oberstimm. People from the town make beer tents and celebrate the festivals. This festival is usually conducted in the month of August every year

Munich Fruhlingfest

This is also a spring time beer fest which is sometimes called as little Oktoberfest. This is same as the Oktoberfest festival where little beer tents and beer gardens are made and celebrated.

The other popular beer festivals that are held annually in Germany include the Schutzenfest in Hanover and Bremen’s Freimarkt. All of these, as well as the major beer festivals in Munich and Stuttgart, are seen as family and social gatherings. They are often referred to as festivals of the people or Volksfest in Germany


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