Celebrity Hairstyles that Made People Go Crazy

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So you have decided to sport a new hair-do! That’s a good move but have you decided on what hairstyle to have. How about imitating some cool celebrity hairstyles? Take a look at some hot celeb hair-dos.

1. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Image
Photo Credit: celebritywonder.ugo


Gisele Bundchen takes home the award for having the finest long hair. Her perfectly tousled waves are creating waves in the tinsel town. If you have an oval shaped face then consider wearing you hair down like Gisele. You can even highlight your best features with a long haircut.

2. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Image
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: realbollywood

Nicole Richie has the cutest bangs in town. Her hair hangs just below her eye brows but just above the eyes, which gives her the look of a classic 70’s female. Bangs look cool on any face shape be it long, oval, or square except round and full ones.

3. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon Image
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: images.askmen

Reese Witherspoon’s straight hair makes a lot of people envy. Her hair looks like a sleek frame for her beautiful face. It ends up to the chin, which highlights her chiseled cheekbones as well. If you have a round shaped face, you can go for layered straight hair or straight hair with wispy tapered ends.

4. Ellen Degenneres

Ellen DeGeneres Image
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: thebeautyprescription

This sassy female may be over 50 but she sure does look like a “cover girl”, with that tomboyish pixie haircut. Her cropped haircut certainly suits the mannish suits she wears and her funny attitude. A pixie haircut looks great on a heart shaped face and you can play with layers too just like Ellen.

5. Taylor Swift

Beautiful Taylor Swift Image
Photo Credit: 4.bp.blogspot

Taylor Swift has flattering curls, which looks great and also suits the girl next door image she has created. Whether she wears her hair down like she always does or ties it as a bun, all the variations spell gorgeous. If you have a square shaped face with angular features then curls and short hair with choppy ends may look great on you.


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