Changes Happen During Pregnancy – Here are a 6 Weird Things to Note

Changes Happen During Pregnancy - Here are a 6 Weird Things to Note 1
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Though being a woman, you would be reading the blog with so much curiosity to know what is happening with is possible or what is going to happen to you as you will be baring a life in your womb. There are many phases in life in which women need to come across multiple changes and mainly this happens during their pregnancy time. The changes that happen may be weird but everything has a reason behind.

Well, I saw a pregnant lady last week who was getting treated herself in the best fertility hospital in Chennai. And she told me a hell lot of changes she came across and the way she panicked at the beginning and that was one which craved way for this article to gain knowledge about the changes that happens during Pregnancy.

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  • Outer body changes:
    Being women, you always would prefer to maintain the perfect shape and look smart but you will have to lose this at this stage of your life. Yea, your body will grow bigger as much as your uterus weighs. The weight of the uterus will increase from 50g to 1 kg with respect to which your body will gain a huge sum of weight suddenly for the first time in your life’s phase.
  • Odor from your mouth:
    Cleanliness is next to godliness is first believed the women but even if they brush 10 times a day there will be an odor from your mouth which was not earlier when you even brushed once a day or two.
  • High chances to be happy:
    You will tend to forget most of the things and you will have no intention that you have forgotten it. According to a study, it is proved that 80% of pregnant women tend to memory impairment. There is no scientific proof why this is happening but it may be to keep the women tension free and not to make them free stressed with keeping everything in mind.
  • Hair is what you will find all over :
    Once you get to be pregnant you will find your hair to grow thicker and even in unwanted places or say in the place it has never grow. That will make you feel so enriched suddenly. But once the baby gets out to the world you will find a high level of hair fall. This is because you are been brought back to normal. This happens within 6 months of delivery.
  • Vagina turn to be unidentified:
    Using Vagina washing solutions you would have maintained it highly sensitively and also in a hygienic manner. Being the most sensitive part it swallows up during the pregnancy time due to high blood flow. And you will also find the pH value of your change to a blue or purple which is actually called as Chadwick Sign.
  • No more your favorite shoes can fit:
    Your leg will swallow during the ten-month period due to the blood pressure and you will tendon pain when you stand or sit for a long time. To reduce this you will have to do relaxation exercise so that you will at least not have your legs swell completely.
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