Chemicals in match box – Things to know about match stick productions


We use matchbox for many things, which include, lighting the candles, lighting the crackers and more. The price of the matchbox will vary according to the size, a number of matchsticks on the matchbox and more. You can either buy the match box in the online store or offline store that is solely you have to decide. You should not pour the matchbox into the water or matchbox will not be exertion. If your intention is to buy safety matches, you can buy that. People do not want to use the matchbox that is not safe and secured.

The matchbox is something that people use it for daily routines too. People know about the matchbox, matchsticks, types of a matchbox, cost of the matchbox, but most people do not know about the production of the matchbox. In order to let you know how matchboxes are designed, I have explained some points below, which you should read on. People all the time want to buy safety matches for their uses.

What are the Chemicals Used in the Match Box?

Different chemicals are being used in the production of the matchbox and each chemical used in the matchbox has some uses. Let us discuss the types of chemicals used in the matchbox production.

  • Straight grained wood either aspen or white pine will be used.
  • Animal glue will be employed for binding the ingredients of the matchbox.
  • To color the base of the sticks, the water-soluble dye will be used.
  • To treat the wood to a strong condition, Ammonium phosphate and Paraffin wax will be used.
  • Cardboard is used for matchbox and sticks.
  • To prepare the head of the matchbox, potassium chlorate and Antimony trisulfide.
  • To prepare the base of the matchbox, chemicals such as phosphorus sesquisulfide, rosin, a small amount of paraffin wax and Sulfur will be used.
  • To increase the burning rate and friction, inert materials and powdered glass will be used.
  • The striking portion of the matchbox contains adhesives, red phosphorus, and powdered glass.
  • The coloring of the match head will be done by Zinc oxide.
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These are the chemicals that play a vital in making the matchboxes.

Making of the Match Box

  • First of all, wood will be prepared. That is, wood will be cut into shapes and soaked in fire retardant ammonium phosphate and will be dried. The striking end of the matchsticks will be soaked in the hot paraffin wax that provides a small amount of fuel to the wood and it turns on the burning process easy.
  • The matchboxes are transferred to the conveyor belt, where sticks will be inserted. The sticks will be then moved to the tanks containing two chemicals one is for the base and one is for the head. And then, the matchsticks will be allowed to dry.
  • The last stage is the packing and storing the matchsticks in the box.

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