Childhood Obesity – Special Tips For Parents

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Childhood Obesity is a majorly increasing crisis. It is caused due to the imbalance between calorie intake and calories utilized. The major factors of childhood obesity are genetic, environmental and behavioral. Some children inherit obesity from their parents. Lack of physical activity among children is also a root cause for this problem. They take unhealthy junk foods which have high calories and sugar contents. Children spend most of their free time playing video games, watching videos instead of playing outdoor games. So the calories gained are not balanced with the calories burnt. Children see many advertisements about foods on television, they see many live examples in their school and household. These make an influence on the children about their food and physical activity. So parents and their teachers have to teach them about a healthy lifestyle.

Children who have obesity are likely to have high BP and cholesterol, breathing problems, joint problems, fatty liver disease, gallstones, psychological problems, social problems, self-esteem problems. Children with obesity have high chances to remain obese in their adulthood. Adult obesity has higher health risks including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Also, it will lead to problems infertility. Many obese patients are waiting in queue for the treatment in best fertility centre in chennai. So, parents have to encourage their kids to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain products and to drink more water instead of junk foods like pizza, burger, fries, popcorn, chocolates, soft drinks etc.,

Parents can choose low-fat products while cooking. Items like lean meats, lentils, beans, fish are good in protein. Parents can indulge their children in activities like walking, running, swimming, jumping rope, dancing, hikes. They can also limit the amount of time spent by their children on television or social media. Discourage eating snacks while watching TV. Because they don’t tend to notice how much they eat. Instead, they can assist them in creating their own hobbies like stamp collecting, singing, art, and craft works etc., Parents can involve children while planning about meal preparation; this will help them understand about nutrition. Parents can also ask their children to help them with the easy household chores so that they will get some physical activity and also know about the works carried out daily. Parents can establish a daily meal and snack time to eat together as a family. This will help them change their eating habits.

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Parents should be a role model for their children. Eating habits of parents should be healthy so that the children will follow their trail in the same way. Parents shouldn’t encourage buying junk foods. Many countries have banned such items. Parents can teach them to harvest vegetables, fruits at home which will increase their interest in eating organic foods and they will also get to know about farming. The best fertility centre in Chennai reports that major fertility problems occur due to obesity, not proper intake of foods. So take care of your children’s health right from the first day and lead a right path towards happy healthy living.

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