Choose The Right Method Of Transportation – Difficulties And Possibilities

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Choose The Right Method Of Transportation - Difficulties And Possibilities 1
In any kind of trade or shipment especially for the ISO tank container manufacturers in India, the modes of transportation are an important factor. Hence, choosing the right transport and custom route for your consignments. You can choose from the wide range of transport modes and routes like waterways, air, sea, inland, road, rail, sea or combination of any of these. Depending on the one you choose, here are the list of bulletins to point out while deciding the optimum route for your consignments.
  • Check whether the country you’re transporting has a good transport infrastructure?
  • Do your goods need more than one mode of transport?
  • How fast do you need to move your consignments?
  • Do your goods require special packing?
  • Does your customer have any specific terms of sale you must comply with?

Once, figured out all those answers you may easily recognize the best mode of transportation for your goods.

Modes of Transportation

Air Transportation

It is the newest among all the other means of transportation and it is particularly used international traders worldwide. This mode of transportation is useful for delivering products with the with short lead times, fragile and small-size goods. In addition to this, airways are considered as the safest means of transport to export/import valuable low weight materials like gems, jewelry, medicines, and other medical products and emergency supplies.

Advantages of Air Transportation:

  • Delivery of goods is fast
  • High level of reliability and safety
  • Variety of destinations
  • Tracking of cargo location
  • Delivery of small-size cargo

Disadvantages of Air Transportation:

  • Flight delays and/or cancellations
  • Customs and Excise/size/weight/packing restrictions
  • High air freight rates

Sea Transportation

Old is Gold-this is a popular phase while people use any of the oldest means of products/things. In that line, sea transport is the oldest means of transport which is suitable for the shipments of a large volume of objects transported for long distances when the delivery time is not up to the mark. Why because sea transport can be delayed due to the slow speed, inflexible routes and schedules, environmental aspects and more.

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Advantages of Sea Transportation:-

  • Will reach goods at the variety of destinations with a high level of safety
  • The ideal choice for transportation of heavy, bulk and oversized cargo
  • The cheapest mode of transportation for importing heavy, bulk and oversized cargo
  • Suitable for products with long lead times

Disadvantages of Sea Transportation:

  • Longer lead/delivery times
  • Season surcharges
  • Frequent (monthly) changes in ocean freight rates by shipping lines
  • Short navigation period for North regions

Rail Transportation

It is a cost-effective and efficient way to move goods across the major part of the countries. Most of the cargoes transported by railways comprise bulk items such as ore, iron, coal, cement, raw material, fertilizers, steel plants, steel products, and petroleum.

Advantages of Rail Transportation:

  • Longer lead/delivery times
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly
  • High level of safety and reliability

Disadvantages of Rail Transportation:

  • Suppliers/customers are not always located near a railroad freight depot and delivery to/from the depot can be costly and time-consuming

Road Transportation

Road transportation is probably the most common way of moving your goods which requires less capital of investment while compared to other modes of transport such as railways and air transport. Many ISO tank container exporters in India use this option of transport for door-to-door delivery or move your goods from one mode of transport to another for the channel crossing.

Advantages of Road Transportation

  • Less capital outlay
  • Provide services in rural areas
  • Lesser risk of damage in transit

Disadvantages of Road Transportation

  • Unsuitable for long distance and heavy traffic
  • More chances of accidents and breakdown in case of motor transport
  • The rates charged for transportation are also unstable and unequal.
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