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Wartime dramas have enchanted Christopher Nolan too. The director famous for surreal movies with a realistic tone has chosen the events surrounding the Dunkrik evacuation as the backdrop for his upcoming movie Dunkrik. Dunkrik evacuation also known as Operation Dynamo was the evacuation of the Allied soldiers (English, French and Belgian) from the harbor and beaches of Dunkrik during the Second World War (For In-depth Information – See Dunkrik Evacuation).

Shot in 65mm IMAX and large format film stock, Dunkrik has Fionn Whitehead playing the central lead along with Mark Rylance, Tom hardy and Kenneth Branagh in supporting roles. The movie has cinematography handled by Hoyte Van Hoytema who previously collaborated with Nolan for Interstellar. Dunkrik has musical score composed by Hans Zimmer with shooting commencing in Dunkrik, France.


Dunkrik Evacuation World War 2 Headlines

Produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas, Dunkrik’s distribution rights has been acquired by Warner Bros with the movie is slated for release on July 2017. As a part of its marketing campaign, the Warner bros. released a teaser titled “Dunkrik-Announcement” in the video sharing website Youtube. Within a day of release, the movie’s teaser garnered close to 3 Million Views. Nolan’s Dunkrik is the second movie adaptation with the first one directed by Leslie Norman way back in 1958.

COURTESY – Video : Warner Bros. Pictures | Images: ForcesBLNolanFans


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