Connect Your Hand And Brain – Nurture Your Optimism

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Nurture optimism that focuses on the essence of your meditation. Cultivate the flexibility you currently need. And remember, if it is not practical, it is unlikely to be satisfied.

Here are few tips for fostering the optimism of your hand and brain when faced with a successful challenge.


Every day we use them. It gives us energy. It empowers us, regardless of the conditions.


Think about the future of what you want to create (not what you want to prohibit): the more we think about the issues there, the more we feel ‘lost.’ The more we believe in the need to make, the more we hope. And it is clear what we are going to do next.


Pay attention to the achievements and think of a way to replicate them: we focus on what went wrong. And we’re forgetting to see what was going well. However, these ‘positive achievements’ show that we had to do something right. So why don’t you learn and try to follow them?


Remember the opportunities and reflect on how to take advantage of them: There are possibilities everywhere. Even in potentially dangerous situations. Even in our shortcomings. Learning possibilities and possibilities for action. The more opportunities we adopt, we think that a favorable outcome can be achieved. And it provides beneficial action power.


Remember past challenging problems: When we are in a challenging situation, we believe that we are going to be in the middle of it forever. However, we found a way to all our past difficulties: a way to solve it, or a way to deal with it. A lot of energy is coming from knowing ‘yes – we are going to find our way’ (and then work positively).


Adopt positive body language and our body language influences positive words: How we feel. And how do we find it? The effect is huge.

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Regular breaks from the news – I think it can boost mental peace and boost your spirits by taking frequent breaks from the news. It can reduce media-induced stress and over-stimulation, and your body will function better. “What a great way to spring in spring – shell, refresh and renew.


Concentration on positive things: Focusing on the positive, maintaining a positive attitude, and continuously acting positively can be challenging. Optimism’s advantages are tangible.


Therefore, make your personalized diaries; what steps can we take to ensure that we are optimistic even when things do not get in our way? In this series, I believe we cover them:


  • Before saying or doing anything, wait until the emotions are restored to neutral. It includes happy, long-tempered feelings, not those that are awkward.


  • And even if you have been restored to a neutral place, practice moderation so that what you are saying and doing is constructive.


  • Be yourself true. Authenticity is not safe from pain because it risks pain from going against our conditioning and from other people who want and expect from us.


  • Practice self-pity and taking care of yourself. Clean up your conversation. Be kind and gentle, especially when you regret your head. Development cannot happen when you are on your hard work.


Note: Create your 2020 diaries  to boost your hands and brain optimism as you face a successful challenge.

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