Convenience of Built-In Appliances

Convenience of Built-In Appliances 1
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Written by Guest Blogger Sulabha Kulkarni

Buying a property in Mumbai is not an easy job; it requires a lot of groundwork and research. But once you have bought your dream apartment in Mumbai, the next big thing is organizing the home and making it look the way you want. Organizing your house not just helps in maximizing its efficiency but also helps in making it more functional. When it comes to kitchen organization plays an important role in making it look good and functional.

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you can organize it have appropriate space for all the kitchen appliances. There is not just a single way to make best use of all available space. With myriads of organization option available, you can choose the right pick for your kitchen. The most efficient way to organize any small kitchen is to use built-in appliances. Because we use a lot of appliances like blender, mixer, grinder, juicer, microwave oven, juicer, slicer and more in our kitchen. When we start to allocate counter space for all these appliances, then definitely the space is going to be more tight and cluttered.

Built-in appliances may not be very popular in our country, but it is slowly gaining high popularity due to small kitchens spaces available in apartment in Mumbai, Bengaluru and other metros. When appliances are conveniently built inside the kitchen structure, they do not consume the much required counter space in your kitchen. Apart from space constraint, they also offer a clutter-free look.

Some of the built-in kitchen appliances include oven, stovetops, cooker hoods, dishwashers and water purifiers. When you use these as built-in appliances, you will surely have a lot of counter space for other frequently-used appliances like mixer, grinder, slicers and more. Nowadays apart from these built-n appliances, other appliances also come in very handy that they can be easily stored in your kitchen cabinets.

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Now let us take a brief look on how beneficial built-in appliances are in today’s small apartments in Mumbai and other metros. Available in a variety of design and types, they allow you to choose the one that best suits your kitchen decor. With sturdy construction, these appliances are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike free standing appliances that consume much vital available floor space, these built-in appliances are either wall mounted or built inside cabinets. When appliances are built-in, you need not keep moving them every time during usageand for cleaning.

Now having discussed about their advantages, let us look into some of the disadvantages of using built-in appliances. These appliances may be little tough to repair as you need to completely remove it from the structure. Also if you need to replace the older appliance, then you should take extra care in buying the new one in exact dimensions to fit into the place. Occasionally if you wish to rearrange the look of your kitchen, it may be difficult for you to rearrange these built-in appliances.

Apart from clutter-free look and space saving criteria, it is purely based on every individual’s wish to incorporate these built-in appliances into your kitchen based on your conveniences.

About the Author: Sulabha Kulkarni is an enthusiastic writer who has an eye on the property trends in the country. A born Mumbaikar, always eager for a chat on Mumbai Real Estate over Wada Pav and a hot cup of chai! Loves writing for

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