Coolest YouTube video you will watch today – GoPro Winner of the World

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We have come across this video and made sure that it has to be shared with you. Among the videos we had been regularly watching on the Internet, this is definitely one of the coolest. This is the video of Alex Gray, the guy who won the GoPro of the world contest with his amazing video. This guy was having an adventurous vacation on the blissful island Fiji.

GoPro featured image

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While he was surfing, he adds his GoPro attached to it and filmed the mesmerizing shot one would ever catch. Among the numerous contestants in the world, he won the winner title and received $20K. He was amazed by this gift and conveyed that it is the first ever video he shot with his GoPro. His intentions were good as well, as he planned to spend some of that money for the Island by associating with local non-profit organizations.

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