Coral Reefs – Under the Threat of Extinction

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The deep oceans are always considered a mysterious place where humans can rarely make an impact. Coral Reefs form an integral part of the deep blue oceans taking up about 0.2% of the body of water. These coral reefs are not only extremely beautiful but they act as shelter for tiny fishes and other invertebrates that live in the ocean too. They also help in building an essential habitat for the survival of these fishes. Lot of things happening around us, either directly or indirectly every living organism is getting benefited by other organisms which are living around.

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Have you ever wondered how the oceans look so clean and clear? Well, Coral reefs filter the water around them just the way plants help in keeping the atmosphere fresh by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. Through the process of symbiosis they also have other ocean zooxanthelle living in them. The tiny animals get food form the coral reefs while the reefs give protection to these zooxanthelle.

But these beautiful natural structures of limestone are getting depleted at a much faster rate than we can imagine. Coral Reefs are destroyed and are kept as showcases in houses of the people who are rich enough to afford them. Harmful fishing methods and illegal fishing that includes use of explosives and cyanide poisoning not only destroys the coral reefs but the life around them too. When sewage is drained into the oceans, it forms the growth of single-cell organisms that float on the water body, preventing light from entering inside. Since coral reefs cannot live without sunlight, they gradually die due to the lack of it. Global warming contributes equally in the destruction of coral reefs especially due to a unique phenomenon called El Nino, which is caused due to rise in temperature. Coral reefs that get affected by this can hardly ever survive and we have lost about 16% of coral reefs already.

Coral Reefs  - Under Water Images


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