COUNTIFS() MS EXCEL Stats Function

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Function used in Microsoft Excel


This function is used mainly in excel for statistic purpose.

Syntax of the Function: COUNTIFS( Criteria_range-1, Criteria-1, Criteria_range-2, Criteria-2, …)

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Criteria_range: the group of cells the function is to search.
Criteria: determines whether the cell is to be counted or not.
Note: Around 127 range/criteria pairs can be entered into the function.

The ranges must be be identical and the function will return only instance where the criteria is met the range.

Column E has numbers from E3 to E8
Objective: To identify the count of record within 50 to 100
Formula: =COUNTIFS(E3:E9,”>50″,E3:E9,”<100″)

This can also be used more in taking statistical data for monthly or year report.


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