Cupid’s Guide to Finding Love

Have you ever dreamed of finding that special someone?

You are at the right place; let’s look at some pointers to consider on how Cupid can help find your soulmate:

Cupid's Guide to Finding Love
Cupid’s Guide to Finding Love
  • Cupid does not control people’s decisions over who should date each other; this falls on the individuals themselves.
  • The best way to get someone’s attention without interacting with them is through online dating websites because you can send messages anonymously.
  • Some common signs a person might be interested in you are eye contact, blushing when talking about something personal such as boyfriend/girlfriend, and asking you to hang out.
  • If the person in question is not responding, try checking your phone because they might have seen it but haven’t responded yet or are too shy to say anything back.
  • The best way to know if someone likes you as much as you like them is by doing something casual such as hanging out together, so there’s no pressure of any commitment needed.
  • Pausing a conversation when talking with someone can indicate interest from their side, which means they would love for the conversation to continue rather than end abruptly.
  • Be yourself. If someone doesn’t like that, it’s their loss, not yours. You’re worth so much! And if they don’t see your value, there will be someone else.
  • Don’t be ashamed to take some time for yourself and do what you love instead of being around people who don’t make you happy or feel appreciated. And when you’re ready, the right person might come along at just the right time!
  • Trust your instincts: if something doesn’t seem like the right fit, it probably isn’t.
  • Don’t let Cupid work in secret; share your love story with the world! Be fearless and put yourself out there!”

Now let’s look at the tips on how to find the perfect date, create chemistry, and get ready for love! Read more about Cupid’s guide below:

How do I find someone who wants me back too?

Hang in there and stay confident about one of these three things.

  • Your ex-partner will realize they’re making a mistake and return to you. 
  • Someone perfect for you will see how much better you are than the other options and choose you. 
  • You’ll “fall” backwards into someone great, completing by chance what they need and what you need.
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When it happens, just know that all your patience was worth it! Hugs from another human being who knows that this question is tricky 😉

What are some top date ideas?

The best dates are ones that create a bond for the future. Putting time into your relationship before it’s been cemented with intimacy is better than only having one date.

That means you might be more familiar with your partner if you decide to take them out on a platonic date or spend time talking and cooking together at home.

A great date idea is also to get tickets for an upcoming show, concert, or game they have wanted to see.

Another way to set up some good bonding time while getting out of the house is rock climbing!

This activity offers plenty of bonding opportunities and physical exercise outside in the fresh air, which helps build all sorts of required bonds.

What are the signs that someone might be your soulmate?

If you notice one or more of these signs, the person may be your soulmate.

  • You have a deep connection. 
  • He/she is funny, witty, and very externally present (meaning he/she spends time with many people but never avoids you). 
  • Your backgrounds are similar but not too similar. 
  • You’re both introverts (roommates without a ton in common can work out too). 
  • He/she has an independent spirit. 
  • He/she is on the same wavelength as you while simultaneously being slightly different from creating balance in your life. 

How can I make my first kiss amazing and memorable for me but also for my partner too?

  • Slow down the movements and do gentle kisses. First kisses are typically more about feelings than sex, so most girls will appreciate slow kissing if it’s done right.  
  • Kiss her neck first to increase her heart rate to prepare for your next move! 🙂
  • When kissing, she’ll get a sense of how you’re feeling based on how much emotion is being put into the kiss – if you’re shy or nervous, just be calm and find a comfortable spot for your lips before moving in on her <3
  • Lean back when kissing so that she doesn’t feel like you’re going to force anything upon her; forceful people often have terrible manners not because they lack class but because
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Is it possible to create chemistry without physical attraction or romantic feelings?

Depending on your definition of “chemistry,” it may be possible.

Chemistry is usually thought of as the natural physical attraction and chemistry between two people. 

But chemistry can also refer to other types, like mutual respect or intellectual connection. At the same time, these aspects might not lead to romantic relationships; developing them often offers other benefits.

For example, many professionals find that studying together outside of school/work environments in an engaging way builds a healthy and productive student-teacher relationship which then carries over into the classroom for both students’ enjoyment; that’s just one example.

A similar strategy could be used in any interdependent situation where you want to create chemistry with someone else for whom you don’t have romantic feelings.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that chemistry plays an important role in our lives and relationships with others without being limited to just romance.

It’s worth learning about as it will help shape who you want to be around, what your goals are, and how people perceive you.

Why is love such an intense feeling of affection?

Love is one of the deepest feelings that a person can experience. When you really love someone, your brain’s reward system releases the chemical “dopamine,” which creates intense feelings of happiness, warmth, and pleasure.

While it might seem like everyone in love should always feel these desirable emotions. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case since both external factors like daily stress and internal issues like depression can cause significant decreases in a person’s levels of dopamine.

For people with very low levels of dopamine in their brains due to heavy amounts of stress or mental illness, this deep emotional desire for another person can be overwhelming and prevent them from realizing what they need to do to improve themselves.

However, when someone does find that person who can help them create more dopamine, it’s like a “magical” feeling of being complete.

Is it possible to fall in love with more than one person?


It’s absolutely possible to have feelings for more than one person, whether they come from an infatuation with another person or a long-standing love for someone else.

Being in love with two people can be confusing and even painful at times, but the best thing you can do in that situation is to find out what it is that makes each person so special to you and then navigate your relationship going forward based on those distinctions.

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What are some of the best things about being in love?

One important thing about being in love is that it often provides a sense of meaning and direction. For many people, the feeling that life has been worth living for some time is rooted in being with someone they love.

Finding someone who makes you not just happy but excited to be alive where you used to feel apathetic is an amazing experience. In other words, love might be what finally gets you off the couch on a Saturday morning or out for dinner after work instead of drinking wine on your front porch (or because Friday’s too far away).

What are some of the worst things about being in love?

Some say that being in love is the best feeling in the world. We like to think that it means being happy and content, but even if those things are true most of the time, there are a lot of downsides to all those upsides. Here’s a list for you:

  • Having your heart shatter when they lose interest in you 
  • Being wrapped up in them until one day they break out of your box or one day decides they don’t need you around much anymore (aka “ghosting”) 
  • Feeling emotionally dependent on someone who may not feel as strongly about the relationship as you do
  • Succeeding only at making yourself an emotional wreck while waiting for them to text
  • Worrying that they’re not as into you as you are them
  • Getting your hopes up for something exciting and then getting crushed when it falls through
  • Feeling like a third wheel with their friends, even though they love spending time with you too

We hope you found this article helpful and that it has given you some insight into how to find love.

Cupid’s Guide is always here for you, so please let us know in the comments which of these tips have helped your relationship or would help someone else who needs a little guidance on finding their soulmate!

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