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Customize your phone as you like - Google’s Modular smartphones will hit markets in 2017 Project ARA Featured

Couple of years back, Google announced their plans to build modular phones where user could customize their phones based on their needs. In Simple terms, a consumer could fit an extra battery while traveling long distances or additional speakers for a party night. Despite a lot of setbacks, Google will turn its dream into reality with project ARA based smartphones ready to ship by 2017.

Being a part of Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Products) department, Project ARA was initiated with the intention to create endoskeleton for smartphones; similar to PC’s motherboard which will allow the users to assemble various core components according to their needs. After detailed analysis and research, the engineers upgraded the initial prototype to swap various features like batteries, speakers, cameras etc. rather than core components which users normally weren’t interested.


Customize your phone as you like - Google’s Modular smartphones will hit markets in 2017 Project ARA

Prototype Design of Modular Smartphone

The yet-to-be named upcoming modular smartphone will initially comes up with slots that allow users to change


The innovative hardware customization doesn’t hamper user personalizations such as customizing mobile covers and cases. With its release, Google expects production of various third party hardware products that will seamlessly integrate with the platform for building vast array of products in various fields. While the company’s previous phone’s hardware designing and manufacturing were outsourced to various companies (LG, Samsung and Huawei), this time the hardware would exclusively designed by Google itself and only outsourced for manufacturing.


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