Decided to Quit Job Without Any New Opportunity? Career Challenges

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As a career and executive coach, I listen to several professionals every month who are ready to crush their current work without any underlining. Many people had enough (toxicity, politics, breathtaking management, more work and force, tension, boredom and more) and they think they cannot take it for another minute. I have been there and know how it can feel.

Before I leave my work without anyone else, what should I think?

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  • Working through the challenges you are facing in your current role brings more confidence, self-esteem, and clarity, and helps you learn some important skills (like conflict resolution, conversation, self-Advocacy, leadership, communication etc.). You will also learn new approaches to overcome the challenges that will help you in the next chapter and role.
  • Once you face your challenges in a productive manner, then you are able to talk about your experiences in this current job, which is attractive, confident and motivational. Often those who come out before getting a job, they talk very hard about the job in a positive and confident manner, which is important if you want to take a great job.

Before leaving your job without a line, ask yourself:

  • Why do I feel forced to leave immediately? What do I have to run It is important to avoid saying “Pendulum effect” – to avoid a miserable situation is going as well as possible. Is there anything talk with HR, speak with your boss, ask for a new project or a potential new direction that will be more exciting for you,
  • If you are facing any kind of abuse, abuse or sexual harassment, have you consulted an attorney before leaving? This is necessary, to protect yourself and to ensure that you get compensation which you are entitled to for any loss·         If I leave, then what is my financial plan? Speaking financially, how do I transition into another role? How much money do I need to pay my bills and run my house, and pay for important health and life insurance and other essential investments?
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What challenges are most surprising for people by leaving a job without a plan? Are there challenges that men and women often do not expect professionally or financially?

  • First of all, when you challenge the payment of bills, looking for work can be very stressful and is pressurized to take any job. By leaving you to get separated from others and are lost, and may be confused to spend your time, which is a challenging emotional place to launch itself.
  •  Second, if you are not going properly, or leave without dealing with any authority, then the same challenges will follow you in the next job and the employer often does not matter how different it will be to the next situation or the employer.
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